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Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Friday, February 27, 2015

Down South GS/Cities False Environments

Outside Savannah GA. Trying to out go west.
Military base nearby. Fort something or other. Army i believe.

Local McDonalds, been drugged a few times. (Either that or Ive caught a hell of a powerful parasite frpm somewhere).
Hallucinogens that also induce sleep. They employ some nice people but ALOT of African Americans mostly female and of course they are jealous and bitchy enough to let on they know Im targeted. This is the beauty of using blacks. They have no restraint. They are so insecure and put down in society they cannot resist a chance to power trip over someone else and of course it's done in their typical tribal fashion where its a group mobbing thing. This is also to the GS system's advantage. Mobbing does not occur to them as wrong. Its natural because it's tribalism.

Down here they 'Please, thank you, ma'am' you to death with a smile...but they can't help showing off by expressing at some point that someone is targeted. Which is typical and very much to non African TI advantage. If you are African American and targeted then I dont know how this effects you or if this info helps you. Its black on black crime. I expect whites to defend the authorities and the elite agenda. Its been shocking to experience African peoples having such a large part to play in this conspiracy throughout.

The night shift are males who are a bit more stealth. No let ons.

A homebum type who travels of course showed up, new in town days after i was here for a while.
He was convincing at first but then games started to be played including locals and I got hip real fast.
He attempted to pose as a Target by intimation ("some of us don't have any rights" etc).
In desperation after I wouldnt go for bait anymore out of nowhere he starts talking about Harvard Sq and i just stuck with my decision to stay away. He left today. I guess the mission was a fail lol.

In this area a TI is basically tortured based on financial monitoring (of accounts). When i got money today conditions were normal and improved again.
But since money ran out in last few days torment was so bad that forced speech was at an all time high and I couldn't catch a ride so tried to walk to next town and didn't look at weather so got stuck in rain. I became agitated on the freeway when my tarp wouldn't fold over me right and everything was getting soaked.
i couldnt make it so i got a ride back.

It's been a horrible few days.
It's definitely anti homeless/transient/Targeted Individual tactics. Most likely because the people are friendly and godly not just religious. You know, true Americans from the south. Not fake YUPpie-hipster/ghetto/third world foreign New America demographics in big cities now. Actual normal, real people who come together through free association.

If you are a shitty homeless person you wont be accepted here. White male and older is acxeptable. I may also have had trouble becuz im female.

So they have to use covert warfare against transients/Targets.
I also found myself very fatigued daily in this area which was part of my having a hard time getting a ride. I had trouble focusing and having energy. When you walk out of the area I am in it improves. Its this travel area thats psycho managed apparently.

The Truman Show effect is very bad in the McDonalds. Its downright distracting. This explains their obsession with letting me know Gregg Allman lives here. He's famous. Truman Show Effect is all about tech/chem induced hypnotic suggestion using an interface it seems-to make the Target actually experience a reality in a certain location, that people are watching the TI on a sort of reality show channel. This can be experienced as being done through the security/surveillance camera system (which is why its dependent on a specific physical location) or sometimes its through satellite view which has been publicily documented in media as being a capability of the US military and I assume utilized perhaps by certain law enforcement agencies.

Why my Truman Show Effect involves only famous people as audience members I don't know. It ties in neatly with Illuminati conspiracy theories where such people are successful due to belonging to a secret society currently being referred to as the Illuminati. Its been demonstrated via other victims who have died due to being targeted that this is either true or its put that way to scare people.
The destruction of Lady Ga Gas original song writing partner who she stole her looks, persona and act from-was portrayed in media as not only to have been observed qnd targeted by a mysterious group with such power but murdered by them as well-all within their view as well as predicted by them.

Many TIs and activists note that Illuminati actions are predicted in Hollywood movies often. Ive found this to be true. It may be to assist lightworkers/fighters/activists but it seems also to be part of the ongoing smoke out of anyone who wakes up from a sleeping society.
If you 'notice' this even mentally and dont express it, it seems you are getting out of line.
The system notices however.

Sometimes i think drones are involved in managing Targets. It just follows a certain flow of events.

Its a shame becuz people are so incredibly pleasant here and egomaniacal bullshit like in cities is not fashionable. People just want to live and have a working society. Its beyond awesome.

I cant understand the fatigue in this area but it has other redeeming qualities.

Big cities now suck officially as they are sterilized, boring and socially engineered to feel like malls (false environs) not living beings in public space. There's no lack of sh*theads to do gang stalking activities either which is the final nail in the coffin of the modern New American city.

Zombie Apocalypse isn't funny. Its a joke on the public by the powers that be who engineer society and shape our world by influence. Its a slap in the face from 'Illuminati' type power structures.
Trained addicted animal type attention to cell phones, radiation leaks like Fukashima and Carlsbad NM, cities made into false environments like malls or living under a dome type existence, drugged out with psych meds, constant media intake (from stream to ads on objects in public space), conformity in dress and thinking, cameras everywhere (mirrors are used heavily in sophisticated mind control programming and it serves the same purpose. Plus in many areas cameras are used to observe while HUMINT or psy ops operatives as well as tech is employed to then effect any part of the observed population) has created a zombie, living dead type of humanity in most areas in the USA.
Ive traveled slowly and by foot I explore cities. There are exceptions. But even these have some sort of psycho management present.

An example is downtown Philadelphia. Its funky and shows independence qnd creativity. You only find houseless there who reflect that. Its not just the standard engineered false environment population nowadays. Its as colorful as you are going to get in the USA nowadays.
Yet just across the bridge there's depressing ghetttos or a horrid college area with standard YUPpies in training who percieve anyone who looks 'Homeless' as odd and threatning and of course Travelers are just the same to them as The Homeless.

This is an example of a unique environment that the system cant force corporation driven conformity onto. Partially its due to the historical preservation in the area preventing the architecture from becoming conformist and promoting mindless corporate driven conformity.
People respond to their environment in the way they form as a population. Boring crap surrounding you everyday will produce boring crap for a population.
Heavily managed historical areas like Harvard Sq Cambridge or now Berkley CA are designed to keep the funky at a minimum. Probably due to the focus being on colleges not historical tourism. College areas are the most managed in the US. Its probably done to ensure youth are not exposed to ideas contrary to the agenda or special interests of the USA if not the power structure world wide.
In a globalist society the US might be trying to ensure a successful future population to compete with other economies.

Its always strange the different effects gotten from who 'owns' an area. Military? Banks? A university? Tourism? Organized crime? Gang influence? (Go-fers for the powers drug dealing and other dirty work. They are house slave populations of US usually and fullfill the added bonus of keeping corporate prisons at 90% capacity. Their lifestyle is a creation of and a return of investment from the military-intelligence-entertainment-prison-complex. Throw big pharma in there since they put them all on psyche meds when young. What should we call the new legal govt weed? Becuz it cant be good and only serves to placate and control. Would YOU trust marijuana or any other drug grown and sold by the US govt to a population they are dying to manage?

But guarantee there is some form of control. It just depends which stooges the system has delegated power to in that area-based on need. What that area fullfills for the system ultimately.

Freedom as Americans think they have it is at best an illusion and true freedom is something only some can afford. It's never free. It always costs.
But it's not what we are told-soldiers giving their lives or hard honest work.

If only that were true. If only the ledgers truly added out in the accounts. But the books are fixed-in ways most American citizens dont understand and those who do are childishly comfortable with being good at 'playing the game' and 'getting along' whatever their perception of that means.

I feel like im in a huge kindergarten most of the time with little children pissing themselves, pulling hair and arguing over games or keeping the ball away from someone.
Im always bored in the corner, wondering why Im here.

(Instead of outside. Which of course is why Ive chosen to respond by..going outside.)

Theres hope in this area but it's deceptive down here. Results vary. Those smiles hide ugly intentions potentially. I have to pay attention.


Anonymous said...

Philly also has some nice colorful graffiti art on railroad bridges, etc. When I worked at Raytheon, they used to send me to the headquarters at Market Street downtown to get some drawings. I looked at the colorful graffiti on the bridge outside. Very classy yet not conformist at all. I'm sure in certain areas the artist would be prosecuted for defiant criminal trespass and destruction of property.

Anonymous said...

We're being primed to want to be well-connected. I've noticed that the latest Firefox releases have thumbnails that show images of people, and it looks like they are psyops. And one thumbnail has this "We care so much about your privacy" sentiment, yet the other thumnails show the opposite, i.e., that they are using psyops to tell you that you're privacy is being invaded. Watch out, beecause the Firefox team is moving towards joining the Agenda too.

It's a lot like the stupid unecessary "news" applets that Windows 8 and 10 have on their start screen. There are always teams watching you, and the news applets provide feedback to the targets being watched. They really shouldn't have news apps enabled by default. The user would be the one who should decide after the install of she or he wants them. It's so Orwellian: having news apps there when you didn't ask for them in the first place. They're forcing them on the user, to force them to become "connected" to the "network". It's like we really need news feeds. And firefox is slowly moving in this direction too but denying it (which is false) with their "we care so much about your privacy". Then why are they showing images of people doing things in thumbnails? What the hell, Firefox is supposed to be nonprofit! They shouldn't be showing ad-type images by default! Oh but I forgot, this is the new and improved "connected" society where they are forcing everyone to be plugged in to this matrix. I got rid of Windows 10 because of their Orwellian newsflash apps installed by default. I know you can remote them, but still, stuff like this should only be allowed if the user wants them installed.

I really think the only way to avoid the total invasion of privacy is to code apps yourself, basically, and not everyone has that luxury.