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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Movie Review: DIVERGENT (2014) and LET ME IN (2010)

When I saw the beginning of I noticed similiarities to the people involved in the Sandy Hook (Newtown CT) shootings, which happened at least two year after the movie came out. Its based on a Swedish film and that director refused to do the American version. Gee I wonder why. Instead some creeps from NY did. Figures.

Stay AWAY from this movie. Its full of brainwashing and triggers for Survivors. Some very dangerously disabling ones. Becuz it seems like such a good idea at first, so much like what many of us have gone through but like everything else thats part of the media illusions, its bait and a sleep tool simply to prime us for programming. TIs must learn, especially those of us surviving high level programming and to a lesser extent RA (which compared to reprogramming, behavior mod attempts and discreditation/stopping our activism is the least of our problems from this system) that media only exists, like dream state created by those in control, to create a FALSE ENVIRONMENT. When you become a threat to the world order and the status quo, simple seemingly harmeless things like movies and other pleasurable luxuries of the west most people use for diversion, become tools of destruction and oppression by that threatened structure.

If you are going to watch it becuz it is attractive to people like TIs or anyone who feels they are smarter than the presrcibed lifestyles or dont 'fit in' just realize that its not what it seems. Its more of a Trojan Horse and I mean that from the historical lesson of such, whatever computer lingo that describes I have only a faint idea.

Just be prepared for planted the guy who claims that during Bush, he found a dollar bill where the president's face on the bill was slightly manipulated to look like Bush. I personally witnessed multiple instances of Bush's image being carefully, somehow not just projected but as if drawn into other people's facial images. A few videos etc. It was a very clever tactic at not only brainwashing but intimidation.

This tactic is being used in a different manner in this movie. Be prepared, when the hero you think is like you, that you can trust, shouts at the evil blonde Euridite who's trying to finish the program that destroys the selfless with chipped, mind controlled soldiers (Dauntless faction)- when she shouts "Shut it down!" suddenly the movie turns on you and if you are any sort of an activist, producing any sort of material thats a threat to whats occured over the past 13 years in this country- you WILL suddenly be hit with a command of attempted brainwashing to stop (cease and dessist) your project or activism.

It just seemed very similar to the tactic I mentioned used during Bush and the war. Remember these people are always growing and improving on what they have learned. Just like we are or should be. A large part of gang stalking if you will, is to PREVENT us from growing further or to at least block what growth we do have coming to us..and being able to utilize that growth and learning.

It flattering also to be shown what Divergent are capable of but then again thats bait also. I cant count how many reader comments are sent to be for approval which have started out with flattery- a sure sign to read very carefully the rest of the comment. IT probably contains something unhealthy for me and my readers. Unless its conisitent.

This is a 'make nice the war is over' piece of work which we will probably be seeing alot of in the coming years. I especially did not appreciate the mother-daughter relationship then her death being framed so nicely...of ccourse becuz its time to leave those losses and betrayals behind- to take on a nice husband and go lead a normal life!!

Its a movie you thought you could trust and just like everyone who comes into your life-its a sell out and it turns on you in the interest of the beast. And national security I assume. How patriotic.

It sucks but you are no longer innocent and a captive sheep. You cant afford to get lost in movies the way normal people do. Its another nice way that they never allow you to come back home, now that you have been effectively exiled out of your homeland...while still physically existing in it. Aint the 21st century grand?

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