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Friday, February 13, 2015

Add Goodwill Industries To The List Of MAJOR Gang Stalking Companies (Walmart, McDonald's, Starbucks, Greyhound etc)

Well, add Goodwill Industries to the list of total assh*le gang stalking companies.

Probably trying to stay in business who knows. Every store has that recording of the shpeel about bringing jobs into and helping the community. Kinda corporate dont u think?

Why must a charity validate its existence??

And the sheer tonnage of peoples of African descent and or origin doing gang stalking is getting ridiculous. Its so ridiculous that no one is going to believe it. Which means its probably true and set up by design to be mind blowingly unbelievable.

With all the focus on hate crimes and Diversity its the perfect cover for such operations. During Bush it was mostly young white kids. But now...

Maybe its tailored according to the Target like now its all blacks or people of color becuz ive been framed as a racist so keep working that angle.

Ill say one thing about the Muslim and black perps now-they certainly are sure of and pleased with themselves.

Go f*ck yourselves. Not everyone's asleep. And discreditation means nothing. Many of us are still victim witnesses to war crimes during Bush (and Obama) and thats still valid.


Anonymous said...

A lot of the individuals that perp me seem programmed. They seem to also tailor their conversations to having me do what they want for them to suit them.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well, you'd mentioned that you grew up alongside black people and had black friends as a child, and now it could be that they are working on diminishing or destroying the strength that being friends with those blacks, growing up in the black neighborhoods, gave you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they think just because they walk around all day saying to themselves we're pedophiles or terrorists that they've gotten us beat. I have some cyberstalkers around, large numbers of them, and they all kind of think on the same level, as though they were the same person. That's just what the system does... control a whole bunch of people to function as one rather than individuals. A few of these cyberstalkers are the impersonation type. One has the word "pervert" in his name, and claims he is a "freak of nature". Another has a blog suggesting in a subliminal way that "he" is "oddly stupid".

So they love to script these roles for TIs, where we are supposed to be stupid, odd, terrorst, or pedophiles. And they have impersonators claim to be these things. Imagine being kidnapped by a system that does this for over 10 years with no signs of letting up. It requires a lot of tact to survive this. These tactics are designed to elicit monumental reactions for us. And I am no longer gonna worry about anything that isn't true. i know the system wants us to fall over dead, just because a large volume of sick stalker shills of the system are out to get me. Ain't gonna happen. We are stronger than they are, remember? They have sheer numners, but we have high quality attributes that more than make up for the lack of industry attention that we get compared to what the controlled actors and musicians and writers get every time they open their big fat mouths. The truth is what really matters, so I'm not gonna pay attemtion to them.

On_GangStalking said...

All very true. Yes alot of them I realized lately cannot possibly be smart enough to understand MK Ultra. Its got to be cover stories like either lies and slander as mentioned or something from our past that the country is stupid enough to believe could get us targeted.

And I agree that there is an effort to make different races live alongside each other under forced peacefulness yet seperately with underlying hate or ignorance of each other.
Remember Bush family=Nazis. Obama=Farrakhan who's a Black Separatist. All these puppets serve the same power structure anyway.

Only when people stop believing in or knowing who they are as races and cultures and give in to the giant NWO machine will there be peace is the sick cult mind control message and brainwashing going on out there.

And if blacks and whites and others are compartmentalized, they cant join together against authority. Its simple really. Its just micromanaging humans which is all this is about in the end.