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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Recent Form Of Control Is Difficult To Break-Surrounded By Christian Pedophiles/Offenders

I will make this brief becuz I want to try to make a video as u have been requesting. I know its foolish as there seems to be an environment of suspicion out there now towards anyone with an anti govt website who discusses things like gang stalking or MK Ultra rooted mind control projects.
It seem like its connected to the many lone shootings in past recent years as well as something to do with Obama Care or the way that people are now viewed health and mental health wise. It seems very dangerous moreso than during Bush to have a blog like this now or to put your name or face on anything connected to such subject matter.

Ive blogged that the recent form of control over myself as a TI seems to be unbeatable. This isnt just based on location as it was just a few years ago but everywhere Ive gone this year. Granted I have not made it past VA this winter. Thats partially due to health and partially due to the control being so great I now cant move about freely as I did in years past but also from fears of exposure in the west coast to Fukashima fallout which two years ago I stayed in the west too long and came back to MA feeling the effects. Its not paranoia or a joke, the health hazards from Japan's nuclear disaster due to the tsunami is very real. I have not been the the south west last year and in Nov is when the WHIPP facility in Carlsbad, NM occurred. Ive only been told that the radiation might be airborne due to fusing with the salt in the mines it was stored in but that was from a questionable source. I think I read that surrounding states were concerned even Mexico so it sounds about right but is that still a problem now I dont know.
I need to go out there for health reasons due to the arid climate however, it doesnt seem like a good idea right now.

Back in MA its become a hostile environment to me and my activism. I still think leaving the USA is the best idea but I need to find a way to do that and thats been impossible due to the heavy control thats now on me daily. It seems to be coinciding with the ending of the war and the reducing of prisoners in places like Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba. Its unbelievable to me that the public doesnt see that opening up Cuba from old sanctions is just a PR ploy to reduce the damage from the perception of the camp having been there and what went on there. Its like a reward to people for accepting GTMO as such a horrible place. Obama having Jay Z and Beyonce visit there, making it as if all dissidents is somehow connected to the Panthers or black community. African Americans have become the most dangerous part of the NWO due to people still perceiving them as victims who need justice and restitution. They have become in large part nothing but house slaves again- working for the special interests of the elite and the rich and the corporate-as a way to ensure thier place in the future New World Order as a successful people in the world. Granted they were lead to it and pushed in this direction and given very limited choices due to COINTELPRO itself, but the reality of this must be considered when dealing with being a TI and countering the NWO deception. Normal societal rules cannot apply if you want to see things as they really are to counter them with any success. Of course this reality is being used against activists and freedom fighters to turn people into racists or to at least create that perception about them..should I say us becuz they have succeeded with me in doing so. This is in part due to the extremely heavy control that is now exerted over myself and I assume the rest of the population.

The conflicts are ending. They want everyone to come home now and make nice and basically forget what has gone on for the last 13 years.

Thier efforts with me consist of blocking me from doing any work at all on this blog even posting. Having I made any videos lately to help other TIs or posted anything significant? ITS BECUZ I CANT. Im totally blocked from doing so. Granted, the focus seems to be on me getting to my book finally but it seems that might be a lead on, a way to get me into certain circumstances where they can finally force me to conform and that has consisted of constant non stop brainwashing that is so heavy you arent even yourself anymore.

This is way worse than anything in years past or during BUsh. It completely obliterates any sense of real self or Self or personality at all that was possible to preserve in years prior. This has been the case at least on the east coast. It may have something to do with my being on probation from getting arrested when I was forced/coerced/baited into acting out last June by finally losing my composure and writing on the side of a McDonalds in magic marker.
It was a total frame up just the way they tried to do back in 2003 yet the allies I had then do not seem to be present now. Alot of people have left office in Cambridge MA and Boston and other important positions it seems. Also whatever was being pumped out into the environment last summer in that area was so successful at causing aggression and acting out in the population (not just me) that it was unavoidable. This is why I got out of that immediate area right after the incident. I wasnt the only one who got into trouble. Cops were all over the place, ticketing YUPpies on bikes, everything, having a field day with this. Manhy of my friends who have been messed with by police in that area also acted out. You could see it and feel it in the environment.

Something has definitely changed about the way MA is run and the entire east coast anyway. I am going to try to see what the rest of the country is like but I may take an opportunity to get writing done. However, this may be just a ploy to get me weakened, settled down and make it so I am so targeted where I am going to try to stay that I cant work on this at all but sink into conforming.
The big push on me is to
-get me pregnant
-get me married
-get me into school
-into a normal job
-settled into a home
move on forged completely what happened.

I have been surrounded by what seems like handlers. I dont know if this is a result of them being there all along like this and I am just so weakened I will take any help I can get or if they are being put in my path and the control is so great the system is keeping me down so much that its part of the process to have these people there as i am basically immobilized.

One of these people is a trucker i met years ago whos been helpful. He claims to be Christian but not only does he use the sign of the horns to point at things (and Ive found that ANYONE who unconsciously utilizes thier forefinger and pinkie for pointing usually has a Satanic nature. Every single time without fail thats been true. I didnt write Luciferian nature, but Satanic. Of a lower caste for sure, becuz such gestures are used carelessly to begin with by doing that. Either that or this is part of pedophile/sex offender brainwashing and they use this gesture as a way of terrorizing and freaking out the Target, as a form of mind control. Its either unconscious and significant in an occult way or its done purposely and its significant to brainwashing of a TI- either way you must take notice of people doing this. Its not normal. Using one finger to point is enough.)...he also has a devilish nature. He talks and mutters constantly and its draining. You can feel yourself being drained and he also argues over trifles or insists on being contrary. Its a control tactic and always be aware of someone using any tactic to drain you or bring you under control. Using talk as a form of control is mind control. My mother told me my grandfather used to do it and I always watched out for it. She was pretty observant about these things but just so mind controlled all her life she couldnt escape being under this system's control.
This guy also claims to have had an accusation of pedophilia in his past. Someone reported a suspicious incident with a girl he was babysitting outside but they coudlnt prove anything. It could have been a frame up becuz cops simply didnt like him or it could have been genuine I would have to do more research and ask locals and I dont have time for that. He doesnt come up registered on any data bases. But these factors make him suspect as a handler or in helping to mind control a Targeted Survivor. Ive run into people who hide behind Christianity but due to my being more connected or having access to my free will in the past I always avoided them or got away from them.

Much of this desperation is also due to the fact that around the country and especially in my hometown of Cambridge around Harvard U the system has seen to it to destroy scenes. Environments where activists and others could live in a sub culture environment. Probably by NWO standards today, this is considered terrorists or potential terrorists or threats to the NWO and its authority so getting rid of anything bohemian or sub culture that doesnt consist of sell outs, rich kids or infiltrated with agents or stupid, drugged out drunks who arent a threat was something they had to do to continue to ensure the success of the NWO and the destruction of the United States.

Back home my former companion is now being rewarded per usual, for driving me out of MA and discrediting me. He is still trying to hold onto me but I am slowly making it clear that I am not returning and that we are not going to have any future together. He has also used two (lame ass) atypical Satanic gestures frequently seen in the media as a means of trying to mess with my head.
He has something in his past that looks bad but on examination seems like the system framed him up as well and I suspect he is being used by the system for operations and he has been groomed from childhood.
He seems to be controlled by African Americans and their culture. Its the strangest thing Ive ever seen.
He fell off his bike face first trying to catch up with me around Harvard Square a few months ago. He put his brakes on too hard and went over the handle bars and he was driving only with one hand. After he fell I went to make sure he was OK and out of nowhere this fat black older woman comes and gets IN BETWEEN me and my boyfriend and she basically took charge of making sure he was alright. This is a woman I have never seen in Harvard Square and thats only unusual becuz she is the description of person who you never usually see behind Harvard Square in the area I was in. And for her to interfere like that was very suspect, to that extent. It was also the way she did it, it wasnt normal. It was far too intrusive and familiar. What makes it suspect is that a short while later while he was in the MBTA station between the street level and the subway he was tending his wounds and again, up comes this older black male who gets right in between us and asks him if he's alright. Just walks up out of the stream of people going to the trains and approaches us and again gets too close and breaks us up.

Both of these instances as well as his now falling back into Wiggerism and getting housed with a family that is Spanish and black who took him in and befriended him due to his liking the rap music culture makes it obvious whats going on. The Bloods have alot of power in Boston and people wearing red t shirts and bragging Blood associations frequently help destroy Targets. Im sure they get off on the fact its white people too. They are very self righteous, bitter, petty, power tripping trifling blacks who act like they are some sort of legit Mafia. They are disgusting and just another sign of the degeneration of the north east from what it once was.

When i met him he was only listening to jock rock. Its stupid but its not gangsta culture at least. He said that he is comfortable with African Americans of the extreme lower classes becuz he grew up with them in Florida.

The other guy, the trucker friend I have I wrote about, is also someone who is sucked into ghetto culture but only by association yet its in Baltimore MD where the ghettos are really disgusting. At least I have to say that Boston and NY would be embarrassed to have something that backwards exist in thier states. Its appalling. But even though he claims constantly to be a hillbilly he associates with this environment. Hes very pragmatic and will switch claims to his associations and allegiances based on need.

Both claim Christian backround. My companion's mother in FL is very religious. And magically after this relationship started out of nowhere after 25 years in her home that was run down her life partner''s father comes up with money to rebuilt an entire new house. Hmmmm.

I am staying with this trucker friend in the home of a small family near...The Pentagon in VA. I didnt know it was here I thought it was in Washington DC or Maryland. After being hit with microwave or some other weapon driving down the road in Maryland, from a black male in a very posh pick up truck with strange appendages on it, I can safely say I understand why they would not want to be in MD. Thats where my mother was experimented on in the Naval Hospital as an infant-radiation, documented. That is one of hte worst MK Ultra hospitals in the country. MD is an awful, evil place. THe existence of Baltimore PROVES that.

I HAVE COME TO REALIZE THAT IF ANY PLACE IS VERY IMPOVERISHED OR HAS A LARGE MENTALLY ILL POPULATION IN THE STREET, THEN ITS ON PURPOSE AND BY DESIGN. The peace and tranquility and orderliness of THIS area of VA prove that to me and other areas that are just as psycho managed as any area yet arent chaotic, dark energy or disorderly. NYC and Boston are major areas of elitist and Zionist assholedom as well as institutions and the private sector-all documented to be involved in MK Ultra past programs and all with vested interest in any sort of NWO that benefits them as basically ruling over the rest of humanity. There are always large amounts of really crazy or shitty homeless people in these areas.
In my experience, these areas help drive such people insane. Its a dumping ground for thier victims and victim witnesses and whistle blowers etc.

They are offering me a house sitting gig outside Charlotte in an area that Ive mapped and its a TI nightmare. Charlotte is where I was perped two years ago in the Greyhound bus station and it was so overt I filmed it and put it on my blog. However I am thinking it may have potential becuz the FBI last year busted the black mayor and got his wife fired from her real estate job due to his taking bribes, which would line up with alot of gang stalking talking place in the area.
Of course its all blacks doing the psy ops/black ops and Ive read this about other TIs in that area also on the Internet. The house is located right near power lines, a power station and a microwave drum tower. Theres no buses right nearby. Im cornered in a development surrounded by other houses, woods in back and a creek cuts off by mobility in the back area.
My trucker friend seems to think its mischievously amusing that I will be stuck there without a car. Its also near a state college which screams CIA ON CAMPUS.
Im going to stay there for a few days but I highly doubt I will endure there alone. The second Im left alone the perps will start working on the place. Its a night mare potentially. Yet I am desperate for a place that I can start my writing in earnist. I am willing to take a calculated risk. Ive got to get started somewhere, sometime and MA is now a total hell hole from a TI standpoint or locals.

The male in this family used to be a consultant for the Pentagon and other contractors around the area before he became ill. This family is a bit suspect also. And they are also avid Christians.

Being clear and awake on a Sunday I cant believe I am here with these people or that I am so kept down and controlled Mon-Sat anywhere I go that I am unable to get out from under this lately. What the hell am I doing surrounded by this many Christians all with backrounds that are connected to sex offences? And these arent healthy people. They are all dysfunctional in some way. I dont care what your problems are just make sh*t work and stay self actualizing. Ive surrounded myself with deceptive people who live in denial. My leading a double life isnt exactly the same thing.

This is ALL due to how bad the mind control is in the past year or so and maybe the radiation in the environment from nuclear accidents etc etc. It does seem to be doing something to the public. Like driving them insane and making people heartless or zombie like in ways.

So its very hard now. My territory has been reduced greatly as has my bases (cities with street scenes) and by mobility (more anti hitch hiking and Traveler laws). Ive been forced to associate with people I dont want to be around to survive and this serves the system in making it so that I lose my true sense of self, along with the extremely heavy handed control thats being used in the past few years.

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