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Friday, February 27, 2015

Jeb Bush CPAC Interview On Fox News (This post was delayed by onr half hour due to blog blocked from loading. all other sites normal speed)

Im frightened.

Watching FOX news in restaurant.

Wondering why GOP acts, sounds so crazy. Worse than in years before.

Why is Obama being so lax. Why is he dropping the ball?

Announced earlier was Homeland Security possible shutdown. Intermittently focus on ISIS, terrorism.

Then as Jeb Bush was interviewed, it all played out-made sense.

He provided a sense of security-he seemed...sane, reasonable and strong compared to the way the rest of the CPAC was being presented.
He exudes his parents strong looks and qualities.

Years of presidencies in these familiar faces-his father being associated and recognized aa being present for years of peace, relative safety and prosperity in different administrations.

His mothers features as always giving a sense of regal yet rugged American toughness and decisiveness. His father's familiar face-draconian strength-things will get done out of necessity.

They are marketing us a comfortable past.
And in the past almost eight years (for many of us it cant come too soon) of this president more and more the public are feeling the real horrors of Bush was preferable to this administration.

Those memes where its GWs face with the caption "Miss Me Yet?"

And I understood immediately why Obama was doing so many things that Bush can now promise to undo.

Then-the miracle happened.
They interrupted Jeb Bush speaking with a special Fox News alert.

Homeland Security just got funded. Its ok.
Somehow-it gets associated...with Jeb.

Back to Jeb Bush. More of giving good face. The comfort of a hereditary monarchy has been instilled into America.

We are safe from ISIS and Obamas incompetence.
Bush to the rescue again just as before in 2001.

Here comes comfort, sanity in a familiar package.

So they've taken us far out into absurdity. So that Bush can bring the promise and comfort of balance and sense again.

This also explains why once again Trump is running with a history of a hairstyle that will surely guarantee he never gets elected to the preseidency of the United States.

He's part of the three ring circus. To make us nervous. Add to the insanity.

Just now a newsperson quoted someone as saying that Homeland Security not being funded was like "living in a world of crazy people".

Yes. That's exactly the environment of anxiety that they want to induce.

Jeb Bush relieves that.

Vote for him.

Its getting worse every presidency. The manipulation. The games. The getting results via simple psychological methods.

13 years ago something large had to fall on US soil to get the old man's DNA back into the throne room. And the Pentagon under threat as well.
Now..all it takes is a bit of shaking of the victim, waking them up just long enough to remind them of the horrors that occurred years before. And since Stockholm Syndrome has set in firmly in these past years, isnt the terror you know more comfortable than an attacker whos not as strong or stable?

Becuz don't ever think you can have your life back and live as you once did. Its best to choose the king's princes.

Look how much worse the alternative has been over the past six years. (Oh lets just round it up to eight. Hes done anyway.)

Always remember that BOTH Obama and HW Bush have spoken the words "New World Order".

Thats key. Key to retaining your sanity and staying balanced.

Its game. It's plot.

Much of the rest of the country is gonzo. If you've been targeted throughout these years you know what you see is deception and theres more much more frightening things going on.

Keep perspective and perhaps it might be wise to consider how the next Bush in office might effect you.
Last time they i lived within an inch of my life.

This time around may not be as fortunate. If you want to call it that.

Many of us are still a part of us in shock-stuck in 2003. Still waiting for things to go back to normal. To be made right.

In this way they've taken our lives from us. Stolen our souls and hold many Targets prisoner.

Its not going to get better or return to what it once was. This 'new order' has ripped the real true world apart and replaced reality. We have lived to see just how this was done.

But no one will believe us. And they arent going to let many of us live forever with such information.

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