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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

African Americans In Gang Stalking

Blacks not only have a history of spying for the US in wars but it appears that spying is what they had to do, the way they lived in order to survive and eventually gain their freedom:

They also posess many qualities from their enslavers particularly in the game of pimping which is exactly what was done to them (so much for feminism getting any respect for it's key role in black male advancement. I still believe that feminism was created as part of a ploy to break down society as opposed to rediscover female's natural powers. Why would feminism include men at all? It wasA probably created by devious men for thw purpose of actually using women for their goals. No one is going to argue with women who want to protect someone and do so actively and with organization. Also women will be brainwashed against the true agenda thus refuse to assist in real freedom fighting against the NWO agenda. If mass immigration into Europe is ending up in rape crime waves resembling systematic rape as a war tactic against an enemy then why would women support these actions? Notice that we don't hear it on the news. Most Americans believe Europe is as iy was in the 1980s. The recent incident with the French newspaper is being marketed here as an American type terrorist incident, out of nowhere. Americans would never put up with the conditions as they've become over there. WE HAVE RIGHT TO BARE ARMS AND FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Another motive to not inform Americans is then we would realize the value of our rights. These are rights that the powers are attempting to take from us. Enough lone shootings and they hope freedom to criticize the authority in power will become associated with consequences of violence against children and families.
In America, black ghettos and third world foreigners in gangs quietly doing dirty work for the cop connected organized crime and of course taking over all thw low level service jobs, is all they can use against us. Its subtle, hidden and protected by Multicult brain washing concepts like 'Diversity'.)

Unfortunately if you want to be realistic and survive you should take into consideration that this is simply what African Americans know in the United States. This is why COINTELPRO did so well. There will always be house slaves to protect the Big House. And the black population is so trauma bonded by slavery they will always act collectively for the common agenda. It seems like they are still trying to get free from the bonds of slavery.

Though you can appreciate their plight and sympathize be helpful when possible, their cause is not our cause.

Black Americans are no longer the people who are in line with what many whites are fighting as was the case in the mid to late 20th century.
Black America plainly has taken the direction of supporting the elite's agenda out of knowing nothing else in their position as slaves in the United States and other countries but also as a means of ensuring their place in the NWO.

America is no longer made up of Americans but of differing groups fighting for their place in a globalist world. The red t shirts and bullshit that goes on in America associated with the agenda for black dominance is world wide. Just do research on mass immigration and immigrants in Europe.

These people arent aligned with poor or middle class whites anymore. We have always been in competition for resources and seeking favor from 'the Big House'. Perhaps I feel that way becuz I come from immigrants who arrived in the late 1800s. Either competing with slave origin blacks or simply staying seperate from them.

In this view, America will always belong to the original rulers of the Native's stolen and conquered land: the early Europeans and their African slaves.

It has been the most shocking discovery in all of my knowledge gained from years of being targeted that though many blacks are Targets, the black community always has people who are aligned with the power structure.

Nowadays its that COINTELPRO has simply expanded to include anyone of any race who is a legit threat. Now however its not to the status quo or lies America is built on its the heinous and unbelievably sinister plot to enslave humanity in a demented ploy known as The New World Order.

Portraying blacks as universally innocent victims or hapless pawns, incapable of intelligent thought or clever actions executed stealthfully is the greatest cover their 'agents of change' could ever have. I swear thats why ghettos still exist.

Just use a keen judge of character. Assuming qualities about possible enemies is only going to add to the power of the GS to destroy a Target.

If you are African American read up on slavery and the mechanics of it.

Seeking strength from ancestors, DNA and places of origin are things they cannot take away. These things are yours and cannot be bribed or used against you-unless they see some weakness from within from such things you posess.

If you are Native or European find connections to that. If you not from old America realize you are much more European in nature which is a major threat to the United States.

Disinfo people like intellectuals claim race isnt real and its a social construct. They make it as if Europe is also a constructed place. As if we came out of Africa and invaded Europe so everyone is just African to begin with.

Race is real. European peoples in part share race but there are other racial influeces there. Race should be respected not feared. Its respecting each one's qualities and that all are valid is what should bring on 'peace' not lies and deceptions.

Out of Africa serves to invalidate Europe and its long history and also is being debunked by scientists. A Russian scientist recently made discoveries disproving out of Africa.

Most American blacks possess European DNA which is another major reason that the powers and black Americans see the same goals so clearly.
Believe me, slave owners werent just careless and lustful. Ive read slavery manuals online from the old days. It was and is methodical. Its behavoir modification at its most brutal. They knew if they put their DNA into the population then they would forever be connected to them and easily align to the same goals.

Knowing this is a key to true individuality and freedom.
The false environments they are creating more and more are what humans live in and perceive as the real world.

So much is going on to trap us all at once its hard to see each tactic and plot as it is executed.

This society can only exist if the lies are perpetuated. Victims of injustice like myself make reality very inconvenient not just to the perptrators but to everyone who lives off this grand deception. Its gotten so ludicrous that even pointing out reality honestly anymore is considered dangerous and akin to terrorism (in Europe people are being jailed just for posting things like rape stats from immigrant crime waves).

'Black people' arent stupid but always know they assume that you are. They only admire and respect Big House material. Successful whites with material and monitary dominance that is displayed.
The ones that dont Im not writing about here. Its the ones prone to siding with the oppressor and the enemy.

Black perps are the most annoying. Unlike every other race who seems to have a sense of it being a game-a sick and deadly one but a game still, blacks of all origins seem to be coming from a place of taking it all very seriously. As if their very souls are owned by this system.

Battling peoples of European descent are used to whites pulling this throughout history. Blacks are the ultimate secret weapon of the NWO.

For a person from a Liberal northern state to have to see this is shocking. You realize that all the information you were told was simply falsehoods of the oppressors who ran the system and were 'racists' for no reason at all other than to perpetuate their dominance and actually has some truth to it and practical application.

This is why so many TIs experience people of 'all walks of life' doing gang stalking harassment.

They want a NWO I guess. And you can't depend on allies based on where you live, come from or class anymore becuz its in mostly every town and city. Its mobile and operates in public spaces.

No one tries to make it personal like a gang stalker of African descent. They actually are trying to handle you as a slave for the people in charge. Even if they have no idea who they are at top levels. They like no others will attempt to steal or rule your soul unlike those of other races we do battle with.
Others seem to have a begrudging respect for resisting to the death-the natural preservation for freedom. Their is an understanding of freedom and the traditional historical warring for it among Europeans. Its unbelievable that black gang stalkers look into your face and attempt to tap into your soul with a true disapproval or crticism even disbelief in what you are doing as a resistor or freedom fighter.

There are black activists and many many TIs but you must understand that COINTELPRO took care of alot of this which is why now we are deaaling with so many 'house slaves'. Its a theory I believe works. And many of the African American 'activists' in the TI community are simply from the same COINTELPRO programs is the best way to put it.

Its shocking the way the black community must be percieved so differently by someone whos targeted so as to marginalize us from society comlared to those living normally and peacefully in society.


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