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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hard 2 Beat Crazy Making/Lone Shooter Profiling/Jails and Pretty Flowers

Ive been being treated like an animal lately so im acting like one.

There's very little dignity allowed me nowadays. The homeless in most cities are being oppressed worse than ever nowadays by being mishandled and it seems being scapegoated in part by the economy. Policies ranging from overly tolerant and destructive to zero tolerance are responsible. In many places inconsistent enforcement creates oppression and may be being used purposely to oppress the homeless population.

This recent anti-homeless sentiment thats surged in the past five years or so has been used to target houseless TIs even further.

The past year has been very difficult. Ever since I tried to file that police complaint against the detectives in the black sedan and also had started in earnest to both seek out lawyers and go through my files to write my book and finally finish this project.

Upon arrival to a new location uniformed cops show up now. Especially stores. In twos usually or if I'm walking a street or highway its a sequence of them in marked cars.
Sheriffs, locals, staties you name it. Even 'public security'. Not security guards though which was very prominent during Bush and early Obama nationwide and that harassment was overt. Cops doing harassment in uniform in marked vehicles during Bush was done stealthfully but it was obviously intimidation. Often the officer's tactical movements were unconventional for legit police work. In other words-it was obvious what they were doing.

The transit police seem to show up when I arrived in Charlotte, NC off the light rail but that may have been random. It certainly matches up with whats been going on lately.

It feels alot like Ive somehow been assessed as a potential lone shooter or someone 'dangerous'. However it was told to me by an acquaintence in the know in Harvard Sq Cambridge my home base area, that anyone who hangs in the Harvard scene has been psychologically profiled to assess the threat they pose to safety.
A few kids are on lists saying they are watched during events like the Regatta (rowing races on the Charles).

He said one kid was assessed as not having what it takes to execute the threats he has made in the past.

So if I was never a problem before why has that changed?

I suspect its in part becuz my allies in that area of so much power are dead or have left office becuz as ive mentioned before I never acted out or got arrested before in the years prior to those chnges. Only after those allies faded did it become hunting season on myself, other Harvard houseless and even local resources like The Women's Center. Those downfalls were all done of course using tactical psychological warfare as well as some other influence it felt that created an environment of aggression and choas in the physical environment of that area. (I even attempted to flee the USA through Nova Scotia during summer but was so heavily targeted, harassed and even traumatized in a manner connected to ritual abuse I was unable to cross the border. I avoided Kennybunk on the way up and should have done the same when returning.)

Im suspect of Obamacare having something to do with it. If not its even more feasible that due to lone shootings being so frequent now Obama's approach of wanting more mental health services to prevent such things is in play.

That plus my arrest for tagging (probation) which had racist content (community service) for (I accused others of racism actually which was totally ignored) lines up with the profile of many recent lone shooters.
-Racist, White Nationalist, militant or former military and anti government.

I now have all those as part of my profile or close enough to pull off a frame up.

However note that racism is being heavily induced by GS harassment or psy ops being done by select people as to brainwash targeted people into being extremely racist to begin with.

(Just now radio plays a 70s disco song Ive always associated with early memories of SRA and something to do with kiddie porn like being filmed but wasnt conscious of that until learned about GS/MC survivorship. I wud have been 4 or 5 when it came out.
Sadness hits my heart and weighs it down. Lately the system wont allow me to sit with myself and feel.

The burrito I just ate is going to come up...and I never vomit. I have a stomach of steel. I notice that even wihen ill if vomiting is part of it it takes me until Im forced to vomit. like my body's been trained to keep from vomiting. Yet, I feel like vomiting as a reaction beyond my control to foggy memories triggered by a 70s disco song. Hmmm.
As u can see and have in all my years writing all my blogs that these people have alot to cover their asses for. Especially Boston.)

I know that the racism is diversionary. It recently occurred to me that just focusing on the Bush years and my original project is what I should be doing.

Yet the influences being used out there this year as well as the way the harassment is being done its impossible to remain sane or even seem that way.

Forced speech, agitation, aggression and anxiety are induced daily in a way I cannot counter effectively.

In desperation (and due to sleep deprivation which only makes one more susceptible to above) Ive taken to sleeping weird hours or in naps which is not normal for traveling.
Its February and Ive only managed to get to Georgia. This is how bad they want to keep me here this year. Yet in MA I was going into a downward spiral that just would have ended up in being jailed.
I even had this older homeless women named Marta who Ive never trusted but isn't that much of a threat becuz she's so out there, inconsistent and weak-out of nowhere she starts telling me about how she had gone to jail once a year ago and how she learned that she needed to go. That she shouldnt have been afraid. She described all these flowers and a field in the summer, all this self dillusional bullsh*t.

When u become traumatized enough, a prison can have positive qualities. Wtf do you think the USA has become?

And I cant afford to be in institutions where the physical structure is usually moldy in humid areas.
I used to think this was negligence then I thought being cheap with real estate and using the disregard for prisoners as the justification/rationalization for the obvious health hazards brought on by a sick building. Also, the insulated prison culture-
The public wont know or wont care is the ploy.

However after years of being an unwilling second generation MK Ultra experimentee and having to study it it's possible that prisons and jails are 'allowed' to become moldy or have sick building syndrome traditionally as torture and slow degradation of health and mental capacity but now is an integral part of MK Ultra type behavior modification.

LSD is simply synthesized ergot mold. Perhaps scientists discovered any mold will do to make a human mind more easily molded-more easily or more receptive to modification or brain washing.

Picture clay being made more easily handled in the hand of a sculptor.

Becuz they certainly are using technological methods of correction in jails. I experienced this first hand when I was arrested and posted it on this blog afterwards.

MK Ultra has taught society much-those who are in the know. Thats why its so important to keep MK Ultra fantasy in the minds of the American public. Even though its declassified documentation exists for public viewing.

The public as they are now WOULD much rather watch a sci fi movie about such subject matter than deal with harsh reality. To play Skyrim instead of realize and investigate magick in real life.

When you are in jail, focus on the pretty flowers in the fields outside when they let you out into the yard.
What lies beyond the gate is no longer your concern or care.

So in short Ive been assessed as a possible lone extremist white supremacist anti government lone shooter threat OR there's an operation to make it appear thats the reality to me.

I was going to have fun with this and finish up my community service at a non profit that has something to do with White Nationalism or something similar as this will look great on file...if you're smart enuf to understand the statement made.

However now that doesn't seem like a great idea-maybe.

The discreditation during daylight hours is non stop daily. Then again I am on the east coast still.

I hope its not that the gs system is trying to guide me away from going west due to Fukushima fallout as well as last winter's nuclear waste accident at WHIPP in Carlsbad NM.

(Written in a independent gas and grocery south of Savannah GA where they take pride in and focus on employees and local community and keep a peaceful environment. I never wud have gotten this done in a corporate chain which goes to show that our corporate sameness culture by its nature discourages creativity.

And that the South does encourage writing.)

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  1. good hearing from ya! I just wanted to say I've been encarcerated a few times and this was before I was targeted. Honestly I realized your either a slave to the institutions or when your "free" your a slave to the workforce. I use to really not care if I even went back. What am I free to do now that I'm not locked up? Free to go to work, pay bills, taxes, and choose what gas station I want to fuel up my car for the work week? Life is all about air, food, and water is what it comes down to. Everything else is just a gimmick, another bread and circus ploy so the slaves down revolt against their slave masters. Anyway being a target I would not want to go back there, as you said its very insulated from the outside world. Too much could happen with no accountability. God bless!!!!!!!