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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Possible Foreign Gang Activity In Alexandria, VA-Dunkins 6451 Edsall Rd Shell Station GS perps/Annandale, VA GS Hotspot, Parametered

6451 Edsall rd Alexandria VA. Dunkin Donuts inside Shell gas station.
Strangely employees of the gas station seem ok and the manager was nice and helpful.

The gang stalking activity is perpetrated from the Dunkin' Donuts employees. One woman is always doing psych warfare tactics. Name tag Ylesibeth or some exotic version of Elizabeth.

Theres been other employees involved with her doing so- always of African descent, foreign and female.

Male and female Latino origin never a problem.

Males and females of African and Indian (Asia) origin working in gas station area also not perpetrating harassment.

The tactics are exactly matching the ones in use in other parts of the country in past year-exact phrases or words used to insult/offend. One particular insult being used frequently refers to gender/sexuality and is inappropriate to my appearance. In other words-its obviously on purpose as the way I've presented myself lately ensures theres no such perceptions formed by mistake as to result in the insults i am receiving.

Per usual from a standpoint of criminal activity there's something suspect about the place.

Its a white area, with black well to do areas nearby. Yet this particular gas station not only employs foreigners exclusively they are mostly of African descent and from an unknown foreign origin AND the customers seem to largely be of that demographic and largely male.

I sense animosity and these customers being in the know about gang stalking activity in the store.

When i enter theres always a single white individual of either gender who gives a knowing look and smirk before the D&D employees wait on my friend and I.

In other words the place is crawling with perps. And there's something going on with the heavy concentration of a particular demographic working and patronizing this location.

This is meant to make me appear racist, paranoid etc but in a realistic view, it may indicate gang activity, organized crime or some sort of crime ring.

Becuz these arent nice or normal black foreigners with nasty attitudes and obvious insecurity/power hunger working and buying here.

These are mostly well dressed, bit shady assholes making sure they fit in, avoid detection yet a bit of arrogance has them dying to get noticed for the power they are hiding in whatever they are part of.

And it's COLLECTIVE. This sort of cultish, hive feeling or mob mentality is NOT NORMAL in society or in daily life where the environment we enter into is truly random and people are flowing through the area freely.

Im sure they are trying to.get the N word out of me on camera for the millionth time in yet anoher location.

This area is military contractors and The Pentagon. The harassment here is I dare say, orderly, responsible, professional and all business. Its the first place Ive ever encountered that I dare say seems....respectable in the way the operations are run.

Too many other locations around the USA have morons working the streets and shops and they seem to make it very personal, taking it to an inappropriate level beyond business.
Its been absolutely disgusting all these years. Always so sloppy, so..out of line. Utilizing so much human garbage to do the dirty work.

There's no ghettos here. Theres no Libtard YUPPies. Ive only seen Hipsters (sooo many Hipsters are perps) in one town that has a gang stalking problem it seems, compared to the rest of the area- Annandale.

Annandale is SO gang stalking heavy that anyone sensitive CAN ACTUALLY FEEL AN ELECTRICROMAGNETIC PARAMETER OR BARRIER upon arriving at the town line before entering.

I had to go to a store there and Im keeping up my exercise and I felt the push back from entering and then looked up and realized there was the sign for the town's border.

And the GS is rampant there and again we have an area that seems like a free for all and is full of quirky characters pulling antics instead of focusing on simply business.
A hipster in back of a small car went by me waiting to cross the street and waved and smiled at me in that sick twisted clownish way that you always get from areas like this full of gang stalking f*cktards, not civilized people.

The place feels wired also and I get alot of the forced speech and worse aggression i usually experience in big cities.

I dont know what the fuck is up with Annandale but they are hiding something or up to something to require that kind of 'protection'.,_Virginia

BTW-the coffee sucks in DD around this area. Its really terrible. Only one DD in Maryland near the college area actually knows how to make a good cup of DD. Better than Boston nowadays anyway.

(update: one day after this post my friend went into the place and they were much nicer. Even a good dose of butt kissing! Gee, around the Pentagon has been much better than other parts of the USA. This is all so weird. But...around the Pentagon is creepier than I would want to endure for a long period. Its like another dimension. One that I could survive in but not one thats necessarily a good place. Hey, the coffee sucks. And thats enough to send my packing. Forget the more serious issues.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They hate anyone who stands up to them. Too bad... why should I be impressed by little bullies who need a mob to feel real big? The fact they they need to succumb to the hive tells me that perhaps it isn't their victims who are being marginaized, but maybe they are being marginalized? They are feeling very marginizaled and insignificant, and hence need to be part of a large mob to deal with their feelings of being powerless. So you can view them instead of you as being marginalized.