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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Intersting Thread On Suspect Deaths Of Polticians/Celeb Activists

Its hard to tell whether this is disinfo agents battling or misinformed people squabbling.


"With all the degeneracy in the world:

1) 911 is a symptom and an example of it,

2) I encourage all of you readers to stand up,

3) be men, be family men,

4) get strong,

5) protect your family

6) take care of yourself, eat healthy, known-sourced organic food and not manufactured stuff,

7) don't drink the water supply or bath in it, if it's anything like 70%+ of the water in the USA or many places controlled by the criminals (this makes you sheeple and destroys you physically and neurologically)

8 ) Ignore anything you find, which goes against Nature, and with that, Humanity. I don't care if it's Government, or somebody's representation of God to you (a co-opted preacher supporting criminal supremacism).

9) Abolish your subservience to all paper contracts which do not reflect a greater human contract. The validity of the paper, comes from a just sense from within, from the gut. Otherwise the paper contract is completely worthless.

Those thoughts I wanted to get out to you. I know some of you are in the light about these issues, some of you are just discovering, and many probably need more work. It can seem confusing, when tens of millions are being spent by criminals to post propaganda claims (which are often 60-85% true) on the Internet. Our tool is knowledge, and we are winning!"

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