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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Whats Going On Around NYC PD Commisioner Kelly, The CIA and His Son Being Accused Of Rape?

There is an investigation into the NYPD having a far too cozy relationship with the CIA after 9-11.


The police commissioner is Kelly. A former Marine who seems to have gotten promoted alot through out his career also chummy with Clinton. He was commissioner from 2002-present. That is the longest anyone has held this office or post, just look at the history of NYPD commissioners on Wiki. Thats a he'll of a long time.
Now reading about Raymond Kelly on Wiki we see under the heading "As 41st NYC Police Commissioner Under Bloomberg (2002-present)" the same content written about that is being written about as the subject of investigations as I mentioned above.

Another headline that I noticed today is that HIS SON IS BEING ACCUSED OF RAPE CHARGES.

Is this a diversionary tactic? Like to confuse the issues by mixing up scandal with his name since he was a key player in counter terror? Or to use him like they do everytime they get exposed as a scapegoat while the shadow players and investors and private sector etc always get away?

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Anonymous said...

Kelly supports x ray pat downs, dumb loitering laws, an orwellian camera system throughout the city, and who knows what else. I wouldnt doubt if he and his buddy Bloombag control the gangstalking in the NYC area, I would not doubt it at all.