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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is Endgame Simply Paranoia?


It seems like alarmist or disinformation BS. Yet it would explain why I am being hit recently with a lot of push to go disappear somewhere desolate and rural.

When I was in Albuquerque a few months ago a squatter and myself were looking for a place to sleep. There was a small baseball playing area and it had a cage for batting or whatever its commonly used for.

I looked at the enclosed cage and something made me shudder. As if a thought occurred that this would be the conditions I would suffer and die under. The thought made no sense and seemed to be rooted in fear mongering by some outside force not a true premonition from within myself. Yet perhaps that is only what I wanted to think.

It is unbelievable. That such a thing might happen.

It could be manipulations to make people paranoid and further abandon living their lives, a form of terrorism.

My attitude is I just don't care. Typical for a Survivor. Your're supposed to be dead anyway is the basis of this attitude I think.

I also note that forced deprogeamming includes terrorizing Survivors until they begin to fear death and fully appreciate life which is cruel. Its more abuse simply becuz the Survivor did not go through a NATURAL deprogramming process and truly heal thus valuing life for the right just and good reasons. They only abandon their bravery and no fear of death from having life TAKEN FROM THEM by being terrorized by the gang stalking system. ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL. CONTROLLING THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF TARGETED SURVIVORS.
If a Survivor went through the natural deprogramming process undisturbed they would be healthy and well adjusted. The GS system of behavior modification seeks only to produce cut down, average, worn out, scared citizens who will conform for life.

If I was unafraid of death to a level that I could fight this system for this long then I should retain the same attitude regarding some sort of world wide disaster that cuts down humanity.

Note how the article doesn't give readers very good options in how to respond to the information given. Like demanding response from officials or some legal recourse. Running to a cave at higher elevation is not very helpful. I know hardcore squatters who have been to survival school in Cuba that could tell you better advice on how to survive than that.

Me going to UMass or hiding out in the middle of nowhere are not things I am willing to do to preserve a mere vessel I happen to be operating out of in this lifetime or patch of time and space.

Every bogus TI I meet is big into End Game, usually a fake Christian and an alarmist and information hoarder who will constantly bombard you with aliens, Atlantis and every whacked out thought the perps put in gullible people's heads. Anything to avoid strictly focusing on reality like the legal recourse we may have and political action. They actually push this stuff like cult leaders.

If this is going to go down there isn't much say, someone like me can do about it or do about changing my fate considering I have been kept down so my status is low. Nor can I control whatever is going to happen.

Just like I cannot control I live in the USA where I am targeted and mass mind control saturates the country so I only can write coherent articles like these on Sundays (LOL).

I have noted the gs system pushes alarm like this. Just like when I was in MA last year and I went up through Maine with a half baked plan to get up to Nova Scotia or Canada. All the system had to do there was hit me hard enough with ideas like going up there was necessary (another reason I wont go back to MA. The system is overpowering there. I always end up doing crazy things instead of getting my sh*t together or suing locally for what was done to me during Bush).

This system will waste your whole life keeping you running around trying to avoid dying or other alarmist bullshit. I had no problem dying ten years ago or more so what's the problem now?

With Survivors the trick is to keep us down so damn much that like me for example we lose ten years of our lives, some of the best years of our lives, living in the prison that is gang stalking. Then you have a person who feels they don't have control over their lives so they become control freaks and want to live becuz their choosing HOW to live had been taken from them. Such people will be much more receptive to such alarmist heories and disinformation.

Either that or you waste your life fighting first in person human forces of constant stalking and harassment then the constant daily interface provided by electromagnetic pollution which is everywhere and unavoidable.

I cannot see myself living in some rural area with only a computer perhaps for communication with the world at large. But this is one of the desired results of making cities so unpleasant for Targets to exist in.

I find it hard to believe that the perps care about me so much they are trying to coerce me into living in a rural area so I can evade a mass depopulation disaster.
I think more so ploys like these are to ensure Targets stay marginalized while the people who betrayed us, our enemies and the GS perps all get to go on with their lives.

And of course out of sight is out of mind.

If this does come true I simply don't give a sh*t. And one should keep this attitude becuz that is what is real, what is part of the original true Self.
If I die then I die not under the control of oppressive *ssholes.


  1. i don't know what to do, i feel so helpless. My brother was suppose to be my best friend and i think the gangstalkers recruited him. I now don't know who to turn to for help or who i can trust. my brother was suppose to be incorruptible. i am running out of allies. i know my brother's girl friend and her family are perps and my brother's girl friend was coughing tonight at my house while watching tv with me and my brother to intimidate me. what am i suppose to do? i feel afraid and freaked out. how can this happen to me? i read your blogs hoping to find answers. what so should i do? what could i do. i don't know what else to turn to for advice and help. i feel like there is no hope or a way out.

  2. Advice to 'just a guy thinking'. Does your brother believe in grouptalking or sign it off as not possible? I cant give advice only what I would do. Not wanting groupstalkers I would move on, if he is in fact dating someone on the team. I would get back at them by missing important family functions that mean alot to them. That pisses them off, and lets them know the solo strength of the target. I also confront groupstalkers directly, and if I thought they did something to lead me to believe they are on the team, I would question them why they did whatever it was. I also use the situations when they are around to get digs in, to piss them off. They use your faults against you, use theirs against them. I don't know if that's the right thing to do though, but I don't see it as a sin to go to war against them.