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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, January 6, 2012

Stop SOPA, A 'Firewall' For American Internet-Voting Occurs 1/24/12

In its current form this bill is unacceptable to many companies and individuals. To be honest I did not read through the entire bill. But just the first part of it was enough to be seen for me personally to be alarmed. It also begins censorship that could be built on later. What's next, a news story that's politically inconvenient? The internet is the way it is by design in order to have free flow of information and its not always a safe or pleasant place. If this starts now, all the strides any of us have made towards fighting world wide oppression could be lost. The internet has transformed the world. If we start chipping off bits of it here and there, letting the powers that be use business interests as a valid reason then the information highways could over time be narrowed and damaged even further. Imagine life in China with their internet. No thanks. Its blocked regularly by authorities abroad during political unrest and as TIs we have experienced the same interference overseas dissidents and activists get but covertly without authorities admitting to doing so, having the capacity to do so nor average Americans wanting to believe that kind of thing happens here. If anyone knows what this bill could lead up to eventually- its Targeted Individuals. Give them an inch and eventually you'll lose a mile. They just hope you don't notice after that inch is gone to begin with. TIs have seen the damage more than anyone and we know what the system is trying to do. Piracy may seem unlawful or unfair in business practice but lots of people 'lose' over the internet. IF CORPORATE ENTITIES ARE NOW RECOGNIZED AS PEOPLE, AS WELL AS ARTISTS WHO PRODUCE WORKS POSSIBLY PIRATED ARE ALSO PEOPLE, THEN WHY DO THESE SPECIFIC PEOPLE GET SPECIAL TREATMENT IN CYBER SPACE WHEN MANY CITIZENS HAVE HAD THEIR LIVES RUINED BY INTERNET EXPOSURE AND SPYING BY FELLOW CITIZENS, CORRUPT POLITICAL POWER OR AUTHORITY? PROTECT CITIZENS FROM BEING FILMED, RECORDED SPYING IN GENERAL OF ANY KIND AND HAVING THE CONTENT EXPOSED IN CYBERSPACE FIRST BEFORE PROTECTING BUSINESSES AND ARTISTS WHO AT LEAST HAVE LEGAL RECOURSE IN THE REAL WORLD AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM. There's a hell of a lot more that needs to be censored on the internet than peoples business interests. Everyone is fair game in cyberspace within reason. Why should they get special treatment? According to what informants tell me I SURE THE HELL DIDNT. So I can't rip a song or watch a video from some bullshit Russian website from some band's DVD but peoples lives can be totally destroyed? Tell these jerks to have their 'people' find the offending sites (which they know what it is already if its going to get blocked by this system) and get their lawyers and fix it themselves. Some of us can't afford lawyers when our lives are ruined by the internet. When our reality has been 'pirated' by total disregard for privacy. And still I wouldnt approve of censorship but if I did it would be to ensure that illegal spying in private spaces and abuse of surveillance in public spaces was no longer able to destroy human lives in our society. Funny how the private sector never gets caught with their pants down..hardly ever. Yet individuals do. Yet they are the ones who come whining for the public to give up our freedoms to protect their investments and their damn money. I dont have money- or a future in large part due to the internet and related technologies used to abuse power. So I don't plan to cry over yours. And as a Gen Xer I definitely dont plan to let the internet go in my lifetime, short of the Mad Max post Nuclear reality we were semi convinced would come to pass someday, and then most people would be off the grid anyway. If they keep this up there are going to be more and more people having to decide whether they want to stay in the ever more guarded prison or go off-grid. Its ridiculous. I know that's an extreme example but its what's going to happen. Its like they want THIER internet for the citizens who continue living in the prison they've made out of mainstream society and exclude everyone who is outside of that. You can see the seeds of it in actions like this. I'm going to watch a black metal video now that I can only view on Russian website. Luckily for the suffering businesses and artists I am not savvy enough to know how to rip it off a foriegn site...mostly due to not understanding Russian. Once you've seen the technological capacity of the gs system, stuff like this is a joke. Can't the system find out who is super greedy or making significant profit off of pirating as opposed to just an average internet surfer? I'm going to watch my video now, becuz it makes me happy and my life is miserable. And becuz I still can.

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