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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Harassment On Buses Here Might Be Partially Profilng

The perps on buses here are just ridiculous. If I find out these c*cksuckers are cops I am gonna Sue the shit out of them and the transit system and the city. Mostly due to profiling being used as an excuse. Go fuck yourselves.

What I am saying is there are perps then there are idiots who seem like undercover security or cops. I didn't realize dressing like a typical Italian chick and listening to metal on headphones here (being an aggressive female untethered by kids or a husband) is illegal. Why don't you do yourselves a favor and circulate my picture around and tell all the sexist racist classist fucktards who are threatened by me (males mostly) to not even think about messing with the girl In the photographs. If perps can do It so can you morons. Get off my ass and start catching some real criminals. Not attractive women who are willful and don't conform just becuz your typically paranoid nature as cops tells you that pretty women must be up to something.

Yeah I am up to something. Getting revenge. My mother told me in Boston it was easy to attempt to frame me up during Jake's bust for drugs and the following federal investigation of People in the area becuz "People don't trust a pretty women". The bitch probably used it to her own advantage as well at some point.

And I am going to make Boston pay for that with every minute left I have on this earth. They will all pay for first using my looks to frame me, being ignorant arrogant sexist shits and then consequently having me lose my looks due to their actions partially.
The feds aren't stupid and the frame up of me was totally on purpose and bullshit. In this day and age no competant law enforcement agency makes mistakes like that. They all think they're clever back east.

Here I assume stalking me is supposed to get a reaction out of me so that there's more evidence from surveillance of public spaces that I am paranoid. Yet its obvious that when dealing with my case and such abuse and corruption of power that I would rightly so be concerned about abuse of authority especially by undercovers or private security.

Each bus ride here I get some sort of harassment.

This city is going to comply with my Will. I feel that outside of the total morons (guys in vehicles thinking every female is street walkng [they are sooo stupid down here about judging that] and young kids both sexes in public places/buses doing harassment) I have allies here. People that don't agree with gangs and sell outs to corrupt authority.

The cops need to focus on taking care of the stray dogs/unleashed dogs and the Johns that constantly bother women on the streets instead of some bullshit profiling on buses.

I can start being a pain in the ass and calling attention to these issues and making lots of paperwork for them if they'd like.

Becuz no one is going to stalk me or breathe down my neck based on subconscious sexist urges that they filter through their paranoid minds. Check your own shit before you start judging.

This country has become a haven for racism and sexism based on profiling. The designers know it but of course the common People just get brainwashed and act accordingly.

And as for every single reaction you get from me in public spaces: you can try as hard as you want becuz NO ONE in this world who is honest about the situation is going to believe you. Trying to prove I am nuts for a decade is a bit suspect when I my sanity only came into question during a federal investigation where important men's reputations were at stake. And their precocious career criminals of course. Most of whom retired to Florida unscathed by the way.

Keep it up and I will keep up exposing you.

There might also be an extremist movement here like stupid Cause Stalkers crazy Christians all obsesssed without knowing what's going on. LMAO. Don't even mess with me becuz I WILL destroy you. Christians that want to help true justice be done are fine. But the righty's...dont tempt me a-holes.


AJH said...

I view public transportation as nothing more than a mobile gangstalking platform. Hence, the enduring hassle, especially the cop-like males. It seems that many of us TI's have psychic aversions/traumatizations to large men, especially in uniform, so the perps like to emulate this for whatever they can remotely detect from us. Just my theory, as I move to a location where there will be a minimum of bus travelling for the first time in some five years.

Anonymous said...

A true Christian gravitates to the belief in Christ, because of the unjust, cruel things that were done to Christ. I believe that a true Christian has a mercy in their heart that would more than likely have an empathy for targets, and would not be part of an organization like gangstalking. Many people claim to be Christian but do not know the mercy, and side they would take at the crucifying of Jesus. Think about if you were at the crucifixion of Jesus.(not knowing Him being crucified was Gods plan) Would you yell to set Jesus free, or to crucify, or not care either way?

Anonymous said...

Kind of like how some people view the amount of money a person makes as a measure of their worth. A person should never be measured or judged by how much he makes. It's just the bread you're earning. That's it. My view is that there is nothing wrong with making a ton of money, but one has to be careful that he doesn't let that be his downfall. For example, some big money earners start to get the idea that the amount of money is a measure of their worth, like it's some sort of meter of how good you are. Or they start using it to buy certain vices, like drugs, prostitutes, what not. Or, paying into a person's psych. warfare campaign, because I'm sure there are certain "clients" who act as shareholders, basically owners of a traumatized mind controlled slave.

That's one of the biggest stories here, that America is a place where you can land poor and dusty, and really make it big, like the Man in the Gray Flannel Suit. Americans always associate money and power with good virtues, and that is not always true. But then, targets are not always facing that aspect, having trouble keeping jobs and earning money. There is also the smear, that the target has done something bad, is crazy or a pedo, which is the usual thing. From what I've read, targets are almost from the very outset smeared to be a pedo or criminal of some sort. Then there are other things added to get the public freaking out, like the target is "weird", associated with the drug trade. You know, it's ironic that targets are made out to be the very things that people in this system are. It's like we exist so that we are punished for their sins.

Unknown said...

Rachael, one of the signs of Fascism is rampant sexism. It's why you see the women on Fox News dressed like high-priced whores, with low cleavage, short skirts and heavy makeup. And fascism, as someone said, is capitalism in decline.