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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Schizophrenics Have Oxydized Adrenaline In Their Systems/Niacin Supplementation

Since I went through anaphylaxis from Bactrim in 2009 I have life threatening allergic reactions to a few foods and materials. I don't dare take the vitamin or herb supplements I used to.

I ate iron fortified grits and it made what feels like my pituitary area stimulated. Got to wondering about definciencies and what's perhaps too much supplementation. (The iron was too much I think.)

Since the mold exposure and then the anaphylaxis I am very sensitive. I can actually feel my body process an unfamiliar substance especially foods. Its like the body goes through a questioning of the substance and stages are reached where little internal guards say 'yes you may pass' and if not, I can feel an allergic reaction begin.

What strikes me about this posting is that schizos have oxydized adrenaline in their systems.
This could be indicative of the gang stalking system being able to actually induce such a condition through a long term campaign of torture, harassment causing extreme fear and stress.

Becuz all TIs know that we are changed permanently by damage from long term exposure to such conditions. Its obvious that technologies are a large part of what we experience yet perhaps inducing such a state of the human body makes us much more receptive to being influenced by technologies.

I don't know if there are TIs and there are also simply 'mentally ill' people or if the gs system is solely responsible for every single case of 'schzophrenia'.
Its hard to judge considering that no criminal investigations are done with people who's claims sound reasonable.

And once again we have someone claiming that biological phsyciatry refuses to investigate alternative therapies. More akin to a cover up than simply considering alternatives quackery.

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Anonymous said...

strangely although I have similar experience to you over a similar span of years vitamins and other supplements like fish oil have only helped me. I believe that the attention I have from the gang stalkers affects the working of my mind, and in fact changes the working of their minds as well. They are stuck and seek to make my mind like theirs.

Keep up the fight against these monsters mate.

All the best