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Thursday, January 12, 2012

9-11 Numerology Site Provides Interesting Facts

The numerology obsession is a bit much at times especially since it misses a lot of what numerology gets in depth with. I studied it in my teens. I recall that it went much deeper than what this author is doing. I am sure that truly complicated mathematics would cover rhythms, coincidences and things like that much more impressively.

Yet the author is correct in that people in power do seem obsessed with numbers or repeating like brainwashing or ritual, simple numbers or math 'problems'. Its not so much math but repetition. I think the true mathematics of events would be much more artful, flowing. One might even be able to prove conspiracy due to the math proving events are planned not normal random interactions. But what's explored here isn't that. Its more repetitive like ritual or brainwashing or spell casting. Repeat repeat repeat.

I just skipped much of the author's repetitive listings of numeral obsessions becuz firstly my mind can't handle that much listing of mundane factoids about numbers that's repetitive and secondly its not compelling, though some of it is interesting to consider and does show some patterns. Much of it is just noticing repetitive instances of same numbers. Which is probably significant as far as repetition goes for the purpose of brainwashing.

What is compelling are the many little snippets listed here like the woman from FEMA who slips in an interview that they arrived on Monday night and started early Tues morning..unless elsewhere she's documented as meaning arrived TUES night and got started WED morn, but that would have to corroborate with documentation as to when her FEMA crew actually arrived.

The author discreds themselves by stating that FEMA is a dark shadow govt organization. What does that mean exactly and where is the references or something to show deduction or cause for such a claim? Also FEMA hasn't taken over by now nor are Americans disarmed and being shot at by NATO as yet.

The other clever bit is documenting who hits the site, it was visited both by a banking group and the Pentagon.

There's interesting info on this site but its definitely go to be sifted through for conspiracy theory not fact and some typical projecting into future actions without any real cause.

There's a lot to 9-11 that could make a case for a conspiracy especially tying into much else that has gone on before and afterwards, the mistake of many people is to include their projections of future actions or events or their theorizing of what may be conspiring for the future by the powers that be.

None of us on this level know exactly what steps will be taken to complete this New World Order that each president HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED talking about. Many people do know that something is wrong and that there's a massive game plan complete with deceptions, some in the form of cover ups if you will.

The bit about the elite group with 300 trillion in assets trying to create such a thing to dominate the world is totally feasible. Then again it needs investigation. Who exactly?

One of the reasons these conclusions or info like this doesn't make the impact it should is the way its presented like this makes people feel powerless to do anything about it. Extremely powerful parties remain faceless and outrageous scenerios are projected for future events.

I notice that the big picture is nowhere on the internet to be found, written like a case for court or a detective's investigation of a crime.

I get the feeling if 'The Elite' were named and given identities the public could understand and charts were drawn that would stand up in a courtroom, whoever authored it wouldn't be around very long...nor would the site be up for long either.

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