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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just realized as i finished pasting these three here that today is Sunday. I notice i don't blog much during the week. Its all busy work then. (I hate the way the remote influence or control via tech seems to feminize me or take my natural power away, making me into just an average middle aged has been type, so typical in American culture.
Keep fighting it I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Tech influence here isn't as strong. They use human forces exclusively for psy-ops. It's even more damaging this way, IMO, because it causes you to lose trust in humans. People like us artistic types, we love to be left alone, particularly people like us. Normal people want to be left alone, and artistic types are even more wanting in being left alone.

I would prefer to be living in a world like in the Normal Rockwell paintings, how everyone is going about their business on a cold snowy evening, whilst we are left in our internal worlds, taking in the happenings as a sort of background to our internal worlds. It's tough to do these days, and I'm left wondering what it was like before all of this, when people WERE in fact going about their own business doing their thing, whilst we lived in our on internal worlds. Now, the people I see aren't really going about their own thing like in the Rockwell paintings; they're doing skits or riding around smirking and/or cautiously riding around in their convoys watching us like we're criminals.

They really shattered the Normal Rockwell bliss of yesterday. Too bad I took it for granted back then, unless back then they were up to the same tricks as now. Somehow though, this is a lifetime thing for us.

For non-artistic average types though, going about their things at random isn't enough. No for them this is exciting... doing skits and provoking/scaring targets.