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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh How It Must Suck For Them Im Not A Christian: Why Balanced, Fair Dissidents Get Targeted Harder Than Anyone Else

I was reading this and realized how the powers that be must hate me so much more than people who are easy to label and shelve away as marginalized minorities or extremists:
(yer gonna hafta cut and paste it. ill fix tomorrow when I get PC access).

The most hated people by all sides are those of us who want a balanced, fair sane world. We are the greatest threat. Becuz then the controllers couldn't control everything by having rivaling factions.

The very fact that I believe gays have a right to exist even marry but I do not believe on gay day in Disney World that grown men should be seen by children fondling each other pisses people off. I think that gays with children deserve a nice 'family' environment just like everyone else.

People like this are DestroyerDizney's best friend. People like the smut peddling companies can simply brush aside Christians as extremists and keep destroying as the public sides with what seems more Liberal and modern than old fashioned Christian values or Anti Semiticism, even though they make some sound points amidst their beliefs dictating much of their criticism of Disney.

I think the saying 'war is a racket' also counts for wars among factions that are politically valuable.

If people like me (on my better days when I am in a situation conducive to writing what I actually want to say) were to become cohesive and form large groups, that want balance and for citizens to grow up and really wake up and start thinking instead of following religious dogma or mindless destructiveness and rebellion, these wars between rival factions of idiots would cease. Life would make sense and the system might actually work.

I think Americans thrive on war. Warring political parties every four years, war abroad and in our domestic affairs.
Those of us who just want peace and a sensibe system that just runs to provide for the people, so we can get on with life, often feel out of place in the US nowadays.
Years ago one could ignore the circuses if one chose to. Really in order to avoid them now, one indisputabley needs a high income.

It must drive them nuts that I know there are decent people who are Jews. Even extraordinary people looking for peace. Much more of a peaceful nature than myself. Yet I also see there is indeed an agenda one that seems to include nasty Zionist types. Anti Christian sentiment, favoring gays and minorities is truly part of their strategy. Keeping average barely Christian whites brain washed seems to be the goal for the most part.

Its not normal, sane nor sensible to believe all Jews deserve trust nor all of any generalization be it race, gender etc.

What one shouldn't trust is a sweeping generalization based in such things with a demand to bestow unquestionable power upon that group.

When PC demands we don't suspect any INDIVIDUALS of a generalized group based on stereotypes or claims against them as a generalized group, that belief system is basically asking us to give up all our survival skills and allow anyone from a generalized group to control us. We are basically declawed and send out into a semi civilized situation.

Just as every legend contains some original truth, many things people dislike about differing races, genders or cultures even religious belief have some common sense to them.

Its insulting and tiresome to blacks that they be judged by their race even in positive ways. Well white people can be very ignorant. And careless with people's feelings, not on purpose in some instances but becuz they don't understand or relate to that demographic. Educating whites in not doing this is helpful for race relations as well as no tolerance for racism that's on purpose.
But demanding that whites not watch their backs against what has always been sensible caution against black aggression or manipulation is totally inappropriate. So is basically manipulating whites into being discriminated against or tolerating racist content towards them (as a subliminated pay back for all former racial hardships of blacks).

This just one example of how the current system of social etiquette serves as social controls that are part of an agenda of enslavement not liberation.

When fascism became part of this country's way of doing things all the former good ideas to make society a more just and fair place should have been reexamined. Through such a filter these good ideas may be hijacked and serve a system of control rather than one trying to achieve fairness and equality.

Equality should mean equal opportunities for all not equality AMONG all.
How the hell does a concept like the one we define as Equality now, work within a Capitalist society anyway?
It doesn't. Its a con.

Any society that is so mixed as ours is going to be complicated. And it was...but it was still regional and broken down into normal human gathering and living areas according to 20th century man's arrangements of city state and federal.

Globalization and the WWW complicated all that. And before we the People could figure it out for ourselves, the powers that be decided to set it all up for us instead. What a golden opportunity to get the public under control again almost like the good old days of the fuedal system.

Before free association and other human behaviors could form a comprehensive model of what our new world should be like in this strange new dimension created by solid reality, media and the new addition of the entire global population being able to communicate in real time (globalized) in 'cyberspace', the powers that be arranged to have a version all set for us. Now, WE must simply obey- like rats walking through a maze that's no puzzle to those looking down at them from above.

Activists and dissidents like me are a greatest threat becuz we peddle waking up not alternative forms of brainwashing or being asleep. Attempting to be balanced, just and fair are percieved as outdated, 20th century kinds of concepts. That's becuz the powers formed that mindset and this reality expressly during the time of the transition from man living as he had for decades even centuries in industrialized nations to how he is living right now. They took control of the transition and its outcome. Now people truly believe that its normal to always be extreme, to disregard fairness or trying to be balanced and fair. We are back to living as humans had in various empires for millennia. And we think we are more modern now than ever simply becuz of the presence of technologies in our lives and at our behest.
Personal technologies have given the people the powers of gods..and they aren't handling it too well. And that right there is something the powers that be are manipulating to the fullest and probably gaining endless amusement over as well. The children so fascinated with their toys are forgetting about what's going on in front of them. Its so simple but effective.

Its hard to pigeon hole someone who is simply making sense by pointing out the obvious flaws in design and execution. Its easier to control people who are extreme in their beliefs especially when they exclude others based on what doesn't make sense.

Disney seems to excuse inappropriate behaviors and subject matter the way that Christians villify them. They are both unjust.

This however is what makes economies run. If people weren't unhappy and full of anxieties they wouldn't buy things or run off to vacationland. Fun and rest is one thing-escapism is quite another.
These wars and disagreements among factions neither of which are doing what's right, fair or just is what fuels our society. Americans love war and this is what I mean by that.
Just look at the behaviors, views and beliefs of both of these parties. Neither one is very desirable. Yet in America the idea is that these are the only two to choose from.
An expression of rejecting either of these in favor of being truly balanced just and fair is what's most horrifying, undesirable and even suspect in America.

You are an evolved grown up once you awaken and reject both of these as too unfair-to EVERYONE.

That is what's most hated in the US.

Truth, fact and simple common sense. It'll get you targeted. People hate it.
Becuz without the great never ending circus people might just realize what a lie this country and our lives have become. And its gone so far now like every empire historically, that looking back at the huge mistakes and being realistic would only make the whole thing unravel.
Americans know I think that to admit to the truth about what our country even the world is today would be to admit our country doesn't even exist anymore as it was. That's its been dismantled and sold off. That what's begun can't be undone.

It seems people generally are under this impression that what's being done globally is going to lead to a better future for humanity.

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Anonymous said...

I figured out why they do the laughing bit. I figured, it's because they (the controllers) know that laughter leads to positive benefits happening health-wise. So of course, by having stalkers do it, they are associating things we hate intensely (i.e. perps and stalkers) with the goodness and positiveness that laughter brings. So that's one way to get us to laugh less, and hate ourselves and others more. Of course, everyone must obey the great and mighty Destructive Borg is seeks to control all of mankind.