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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

New Girl Arrived Today And Pulled Overt Tactic

Remember i posted i called the police substation last night? well i.left my name and number which i shouldn't have.

today we got two new girls in so we are completely full now. a youngish white girl and a light skinned youngish black girl.

When they were getting a tour of the house when the young.black girl left the kitchen after seeing me she patted her left side back pocket many times, enough to make it obvious. And the timing was perfect.

I just learned its only the black girl.

I suspected that all the harassment outside may have been to.smoke me out and get my location. In my experience there are parts of the gs system, the in person perps, who can't locate me until i either come into contact with local police or log onto this blog on a public library system. which i have not done around here yet.

I doubt if that was coincidence but there is a chance it was.

I am going to prepare to leave as i foresee this girl being trouble. Even if you ignore perps they get the best of you.

A few people who have been in jail here are also suspect. One is actually very nice but i don't trust the little Mex lesbian. One of her former jail mates here said shes certainly not to be trusted which I understood already.

i don't trust one of the supervisors either but its hard to tell with her.

And remember the 'wallet check' I have documented that here a few weeks ago as being a common tactical in this city.

There might also be cars starting to go by and beep twice but we will see. I'll get the backpack ready becuz its going to end in me leaving. I wanted to get a job here and save up for a ticket out of country but I suppose I can do that anywhere. I have till November becuz if the neocons get in again especially the Mormon one Romney my life will be worthless. Last time that administration almost killed me this time it definitely will.

There also seems to be a theory about the gs. that its purpose is to not only force deprogram and reformat the personality via behavior modification to the perps liking (MK Ultra style) but that part of the forced deprogramming is to force me to defend myself, take action and come forward.
This system of forced deptrogramming and behavior modification knows that by my doing that I am forced to go through all that happened to me in a way that brings it all to the surface and confesses it to the outside world-confession to the cult peer group is a very important step in cult indoctrination and mind control aka 'brain washing'. Remember always that in the big picture the NWO is based on cult mind control and utilizes trauma based mind control to an extent. These are all ways of getting a Survivor who is not under the control of society like average people to empty themselves and become part of the world wide web of globalized, interconnected humans. Its forced socialization.

The Pentagon during Bush had a consultant whos mantra was "disconnection is danger". Whatever is going on with the CIA and the military in worldy affairs I have found often parallels what goes on in covert affairs domestically and perhaps internationally.
The main reason the system wants to take the public's privacy away as well as deny TIs no rights at all is to get people to feel conncetdd to each other, like the internet is connected, but its purpose is to form a cult. A world wide cult that is controlled via many cult like methods.


  1. Agree about the nation being destroyed. It seems like no one gives a damn anymore. They just watch whatever is on TV, like they're a slave to what's on the tube. I feel it's always been that way. And someone out there knows this, that Americans have always felt like they've earned the right to sit around being lazy in front of the TV, and they just consume whatever's on out of laziness and conformity. The new establishment uses this to its advantage, loading the programs with subliminal ideas that further their agenda and make them feel like going after targets can do no wrong. It's by design.

    I have witnessed grown adults ages 19-85 acting like little children, and they are so spoiled by the new establishment (NWO) that I have also witnessed same adults getting to the point where they act like they're suffering because we are individuals and they aren't. They have voracious appetites for control, and they want to control how every hair looks on a target's head. They see nothing wrong with going outside intimidating targets and flat out calling them various names, and THEY SEE IT IS 100% ACCEPTABLE AND IN THE CAUSE OF GOOD AND RIGHT.

    And also, around here, leaving all kinds of litter around town and going along with the harassment is their idea of making good use of whatever years they have left. And the TV is full of similar garbage, like the story of one guy I thought was aimed and making fun of certain targets. This one guy had ALS, and his voice sounded very incoherent, and they pointed out he had 6 months to live. They also pointed out how he helped others and never made a lot of money, and it was "them" again behind this show, I know it. It's their selectivity. He looked so much like a math professor I work with here, like they are targeting and punishing this guy. It seemed like this news clip was aimed straight at him, like it was designed to make fun of him and make him feel like the guy in the show.

    They honestly think that by being part of a large regime where people throw trash all over the ground, not give a damn, and smirk and display auras of superiority over the target, that they are better and smarter than the target. They really think that. And the perps at all levels think like that, too.

    I came across this song at random, when I was browsing over the Billboard chart archives from 1972.


    Honest songs like this aren't in vogue these days. It's like every song has to fulfill the goals and be approved by the new establishment. I'm sure Jonathan Edwards is some dumb hick just because he's not trashing up the place like the rest of the bums, stalkers, and compliant assholes.

  2. That's the way it is. Give thungs and abusers free reign to do whatever they want, as long the attackers are part of "them". I suppose the attackers were mad after the attach because Rhea Page wasn't accepting her situation. And I noticed there was intense racism involved, but was totally ignored by the judge as well.

    I agree with Page that those women being drunk is not an excuse. What kind of excuse is that, anyways? If they weren't supposed to be drunk in the first place, that makes this crime all the more inexcusable. It's just an excuse to let the abusers off, because they were part of "them". And you know "them", they are the ones who get mad when TI's don't accept the piece of shit society they live in today and want to do something to change it. It's like a type of hazing ritual that never ends.

    There is something extemely wrong with our society today. The captain who abandoned that cruse ship off the coast of Italy is a good example. Whoever heard of a captain jumping ship before any passenger can get off? What the hell! Was he a perp? That's the way perps and the masses going along with this think: only of themselves, screw everyone else (except for the low mob standards they are trying to live down to). Of course we are not going to accept our "situation" and the world they are trying to destroy.

    There's something very symbolic about "JoePa" dying. The man stayed at one university for 61 years, only to be scapgoated and fired, and then he gets cancer and dies. Classic. We TI's love our nation much like Paterno loved Penn State. But the mob wants us dead because we can't tolerate them trashing up and pissing and shitting all over the land we love and hold sacred. We as TI's appreciate the fact that those before us have suffered so we can live free. But now all of that is gone.

  3. Just remember, you aren't alone.

    Here's an article that explains to some extent just how corrupt the CIA has become. One of the individuals mentioned, Cofer Black, was notoriously brutal when he was at CIA. After going over to Blackwater (Xe / Academi), I'm sure it only got worse. Add to that Monsanto, who seems to be willing to stop at nothing to create as much of a monopoly on the food supply as possible, and you can see how much money is available for their black ops, a clearer picture of their goals, and how they not only lack scruples but hate democracy as well.


    Hang in there!


  4. Just because there is a constant stream of people sabotaging our lives and keeping us down doesn't mean they've won. You can also say it's like the football team that lost, and they have to have a constant non-stop campaign to put a cloud over everyone and make them think they've actually won. Winners don't need to have constant reminders that they've won. Only people who have lost yet have a deep-rooted ancient need to feel dominant over everyone do things like this, have a non-stop campaign spanning generations to make everyone feel like they're winners when they've actually lost. They're tiny people with huge egos. After all the fog clears, it's still obvious who the true winners are. The psychopaths feel the need to make decent people that THEY have won, because they know that they can never truly win over their victims, they need to maintain a constant false illusion that the victims have lost.