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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thunderstorms Always Clear The Environment Of Controls/Austin Resists the Resistor

I have NEVER seen so many people run their fingers quickly through their hair over their ear when they even just come within eye shot of me in this entire campaign. The perceptions its supposed ro create obviously is that the entire city of Austin is against me, hates me or that this area is unwelcoming to me.

Its the most concentrated gesture based psychological harassment campaign anwhere in the USA.

Its like a blanket bombing of the TI of mostly females and young people but just ANYONE going by or near where I MIGHT see them doing gestures.

Its soo desperate.

And the environment is pumped with something that makes me produce too much hormones -sokeone commented that this year even the animals s like grakel birds seemed more sexually aggressive. I actually witnessed squirrels and grakels in this park south of downtown, the males fighting and trying to mount each other.

My endometriosis is kicking up its so bad. My endo has been dormant for years. And of course keeping people sexually aroused creates aggression and forces the mind and senses open thus shaming or abuse through technology and stalking /harassment can KEEP A PERSON OR PEOPLE VERY CONTROLLED daily.

Basically the area seems to keep people chained in slavery by a culture of shaming and peer pressure and the main trigger mechanism to produce vulnerability in people is a sexual slavery based on involuntary arousal.

Seems Austin likes chemical and tech rape to keep the public open to mind control.

This is a common tactic in cults. Sex is used and games of domination, submission etc. Polygamous Mormon or LDS churches use this to control wives. Survivors of extremist LDS cults (former wives ) have written books. Which is exactly WHY this system convincing me my project isnt worth anything and my life's been taken from me, i shud just give up IS TOTAL BULLSH*T.

No account of corruption and escape from or victory over it is useless.

I lived by and with that for years and recently they are trying very hard to alter my thinking ans centeredness and take that away from me.

This thunder storm, like all wonderful electrical disturbances in the environment has immediately feed up my mind set my memories free, stopped the brain fog and ceased the interface that tortures me daily and keeps me off balance and messes up my radar or daily route if u will to accomplish things.

And strangely i can hear my music on Mp3 clearly. There are days where the 'silent sound ' or low level sound whatever is being used is so prevalant i have to BLAST my music with an app that has a strong sound from the equalizer and i still can't 'hear' it. Its whatever they use that makes it seem lower or like theres interferance.

Also im immediately freed from the effect daily thats created by this system-making the world around me seem...flat. without strong dimensions. I beleive this is to train modern humans to have a virtual perception of the natural and man made physical environment around them. Simply-so virtual reality and the internet, video games etc seem like easy transitions from the physical plane.

I find myself satisfied with the physical world. Internet and games seem uninteresting.

Also i am no longer hungry and obsessed with food as i am here all the time and the forced sexual need or desperation it seems has subsided. (Something in tje environment recently is making my liver really hurt which also hasnt happened in years.)

I can easily discern with my eyes textures and variances in levels of ground and objects in my sight.

The real world is an interesting place.
Usually it's made flat and repetitive or boring daily.

They are creating desire in people where there naturally is none. Consumerism fueled by desire to consume. And that means creating hunger, aggression, dissatisfaction and making the Natural world look as if it's undesirable or not enough.

This evolution of man is a scam. They are altering humans by destroying naturally occuring dimensions available to mankind or humans by their very design and that of their Natural environment, and creating dimensions for people to exist in-mentally, emotionally even spiritually etc.

I know much of TX hates me. But there are so many here who seem to beleive in what Im doing. Even the land and it's ancient occupants and energies lend me what i need.

DNA like ive posted before-its one thing they can't alter or win against which is why much of our power and force lay dormant in a culture that discourages connections to our ancestors in daily life.

It's one of the reasons race war is being waged. I believe it's the only way to get rid of ancient DNA that could counter whoever and whatever forces and powers that be that are doing this (NWO).

This better than a mere 'clear' day due to an event or a federal holiday or national/weather emergency.

It's interesting that thunderstorms have become very infrequent in the northeast compared to when I was a little girl.

A thunderstorm is the greatest break up of this enslaving system by far. Specifically in areas that are mostly hot as extreme weather as opposed to cold. In some areas where snow isn't typical, even a small storm will 'clear' an area temporarily. Not in the northeast however where it seems the enslavement system of mass mind control is tailored to work throughout snowy winters.

For humans to tolerate war crimes, destruction of their environment and to be so zombie-like in many ways and scapegoating any one or group they can they'd HAVE to be being kept under mind control.

We have the information highway now. We arent stupid or underinformed. It definitely doesnt make sense til u factor in mass mind control.

Oh and as always outside the cities especially on the road between settled areas u can always experience clarity.

I highly dislike being intimidated with the idea that these f*ckers own every big city so I cant go into them. Dont think so.

Im also getting daily bombarded with annoying ideations to go to Cali or Las Vegas. Both of which from my experience are bad choices for me as a Target but also nowadays theres simply too much radiation from Fukushima. No way. Especially NV. Atomic testing, Fukushima and that WHIPP facility accident in Carlsbad NM last year? Going into those areas or anywhere on the west coast is total suicide for anyone with health issues or sensitivities.

I.miss my beloved CA and NM and ive mourned the loss of NEVER being able to visit those places again in my lifetime.

That fallout has destroyed enough of my health and youth since 2011. F*ck the west coast.

The southwest is a major military base area that's always been a nightmare for me. They dont deserve to have me there. They've been total douches to me throughout all this. Once in AZ i got the impression staying near Tempe might work but it didn't work in 2008 why the f*ck would it work later?

I will try to leave the US again. Nothing would give me more satisfaction in life than to finally remove my life energies from this vampire of a nation. No more being part of war crimes no more living on FOREIGN stolen land.

Maybe ai shud go home to ancestwal Europe and teach self defense classes to my sisters who are being used in systematic rape over there in the race war via mass immigration.
Oh yes.

EU women have to regress to being viscous again like a thousand years ago. A nice vigalante group of all female resistance and 'equalizers' would be most desirable.

USA doesn't need me. It hates me and gains power from keeping me powerless and everyone here loves their enslavement and iPhones.

The US enjoys enslavement. The lazy stupid people believe the most naive bullsh*t anyway and can't even concieve of things that went on in Russia or East Germany happening here.

They will reject and resist freedom til the end. I'm only working for the elite few who care and deserve answers.

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