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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Insane Clown Posse Suing FBI For Terrorist Status-Yet TIs Know Its TRUE

Ive experienced in more than one city these little bastards are involved in gang stalking activity. In Tempe, AZ around the college they know who the Target is right from making contact and the TI entering the area. They are also the only houseless urban campers/street kids who don't get busted or run off in a sweep done by authorities.

They seem to work exclusively for authorities actually in the capacity of informants. They have info they should not, they dont get busted like everyone else (preferential treatment) and they take part in active harassment of enemies of the state if you will.

In Berkeley they are just ridiculous but there are some cool ones here and there. They are a major pain in the ass in every other place Ive been. When they are in Harvard Sq its the same deal. They suck and cause trouble for anyone targeted and seem to hang with other people who are in on harassment who are just as dim as they are.

Met one of them at Rainbow and of course he was in on it. Its a great system of cult mind control, the band and its culture. ALWAYS hark back to Jim Jones and The People's Temple. Its all about finding groups or cults to control people so that they may serve this system. That was the point of the CIA's interest in Jones and specifically African Americans as that was most of the members of his cult. (I know ICP is mostly poor white kids.)


Anonymous said...

Of course, the dumb little sick-minded perps are real brave because there's a powerful entity protecting them. This is a sure sign of cowardice: doing what one knows is clearly wrong but it's OK because they know they are being protected by hidden corrupt powerful entities.

As you pointed out, a TI can't afford to slip up nowadays, and has to take active corrective action. This is a chess match. Try to understand beforehand that the system is trying to acheive an end result, such as acting out as a cover for their agents arresting you unlawfully. If they are being selected in who they are arresting, then they are engaging in criminal unlawful acts. The cop that was torturing you by making you do things that the system told him would jeopardize your health was doing so under unlawful orders by the corrupt entities. You have to watch. They have a low chance of being arrested because they are in cohoots with the system, so the target should try to get THEM to reveal themselves so as to make THEM look like the troublemakers (which they are).

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell, since most perps are clowns without makeup anyways.