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Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Tactic On Metro Buses Austin TX (3,803)

New tactic on buses. Drivers move mirror so they can see further into back of bus after i get on and sit down. This has been done so that I purposely see it and am effected by it.

I changed buses this morning going the same way in order to not deal with what seemed like a perp group on the first bus.

On the second bus, a different number going the same route north, the exact same thing occurred.

On the first bus there was a driver change in the middle of the route. The first driver was older, male African American who was nice and everything seemed normal.

Then a goofy young pencil neck geekish sort of kid got on the bus did a wallet tap (but on his empty front pocket as he was facing me and then sat down) and shortly after that the new female driver switched with the male older driver. She was younger, African American.

The driver on the second more expensive bus (#803- bus 5056 from UT )was a young African American female Id seen before and had no problems with.

Theere were people in the crowd on first bus #3, that seemed to be making gestures to other passengers seemingly strangers, after i got ready to get off-as if to say "what is she doing?" Or "whats going on?".

It also seemed like bullshit.

As always I categorize each incident with probability and this it COULD have been random yet the SAME exact action performed by two seperate drivers, both in DIFFERENT situations (one just getting on the bus so adjusting mirrors would seem normal and the other driver of second bus had been driving her route already and should have had mirrors adjusted accordingly already. And only did so when i got on and made sure i saw her focus was on me when doing so).

The tactic is psychological and meant to make me feel that I am percieved as 'dangerous' and need to be kept an eye on.

Which can be done by bus drivers or people in vehicles or pedestrians WITHOUT letting the person being observed know about the surveillance.

There's plenty of people in Austin gone crazy who are ignored by bus drivers and passengers. Im relatively calm in Austin and especially on buses.

Its just more harassment to try to MAKE a person act out.


Anonymous said...

Exactly. If they wanted to keep an eye on you, assuming you really were dangerous, they could've done this without being so obvious. In fact, the gangstalking system already KNEW you were going to be boarding the bus, and that you would be sitting in the back. Hence, they would've had ample time to adjust the mirror BEFORE you boarded. And the cops in marked cars around here would do things like slow waaayy down when I'm out for a walk. But they never seem to have any cars pulled over, and many of them were speeding or had one headlight burned out. The idea is to show the TI that people can get away with stuff if they take part in ritualistic gangstalking, but if you are a TI, you are a threat and must be watched. You are made out to be dangerous, and shown that you are a higher priority than the people actually violating vechicle codes, like speeding or driving with burned out lights.

Anonymous said...

Metro bus has white vans that stalk too!