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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Utter Ridiculousness of Organized Crime Considering Modern Military Might

With all the damage we've inflicted in recent years and beyond, including automated war like drone strikes IM SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE THAT WITH SUCH MILITARY MIGHT not just in the US but WORLDWIDE that THIS SH*T CAN'T BE STOPPED?

Wake up to the fact that this crap serves to
-sell arms
-keep the public terrorized (psych warfare/domestic terrorism)
-make the elite jerks and their cronies rich just like their ancestors were involved in the opium trade and wars (and slavery, imperialism, colonialism)

Why arent I DEAD? Why aren't YOU dead?
As TIs one thing we do have the privilege of is superior knowledge of what powers actually count in running things in this world-its just that no one believes us...or cares most likely.

If anyone in any power position steps out of line or goes too far its quite easy to have planes crash, heart attacks and the still solid favorite-cancer. This article goes a bit too far with saying anyone can be killed or kidnapped.
Like the Queen of England? Or a Shiek? Or the president of the United States?

Just like the Mafia and other organized crime outfits this is a business and the people who run it are businessmen. The usefulness as terrorism is that they appear careless crazy psychopaths.

People who are very powerful want it to be that way. The Mafia kept the public terrorized and this serves that purpose in the 21st century.
More extremism is needed to shock just like everything else in this century.

Also i dont quite think that anyone in modern times can make the title of the most brutal evil violent group "thats ever existed" becuz on modern civilized earth we have international human rights laws.
Competing with the Roman empire, Vlad the Impaler, the Huns, the Turks, the KGB or say, the Inquisition is going to be pretty hard in modern times. Especially since back during those horrors there was no surveillance equipment to record, document or persecute for such actions.

Taking that into consideration one asks why is any of this allowed to go on anyway? Its easily remedied, especially since drones or the military could take action against such violent threats.

Its allowed to happen becuz it makes people money.

Its why DIVERSITY is being pushed. To hide the elite's operations done by these groups.

You live in terror if u arent a YUPpie sheep, live in a rich neighborhood etc. Thats how its going to be.

Its all NWO enslavement of mankind fun kids. And its happening all kinds of different ways.

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