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Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Empty Presidential Apology-From MK Ultra To Drone Strikes

Every time i see something like this. It Reminds me why Im doing activism with my life instead of giving up and forgetting about all that's happened and what I know.

They've got me so far removed lately from how close i was a few years ago to my goal of writing my book and getting legal counsel.

They are now definitely desperate and afraid more than ever. It's hard to tell why. But the actions they have taken lightly show that they are becoming desperate.

This is just another example of why people should take another look at automated warfare. When you have machines killing people and not people killing people there's no human cost. That's not worth it outright war profiteering.

When is the public going to wake up and finally realize did the military industrial complex has been completely out of control for years now.

And Obama's apology for innocents dying in drone strikes is just about as empty as Clinton's apology for my mother and I being screwed over by MKULTRA.

Just keep fighting no matter what they do.


Anonymous said...

Don't let those child molesters and overgrown crybabies and cowards get to you. Keep fighting. They're scared weaklings with demons that are too large for them to handle. So they act out by destroying targets.

Anonymous said...