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Friday, April 17, 2015

NSA Ruins 1000s Of America's Greatest People-Debra Dupre

Note that Lawson's book has major problems with it like his excluding the police from involvememt and saying the groups are cults.

The info is partially true of course and the mysterious author could not be found by TI groups for interview or inquiry.

Among TIs its considered to be a useful piece of DISINFORMATION put out by the enemy.

I don't even know how credible this article even is but its got some points that are useful.

Also its a typical disinfo tactic or infiltrator tactic to exclude Targets by constantly begging the public for cred and legitimacy with repeatedly referring to TIs as "law abiding citizens".

In the game of spycraft, dirty tricks or murder etc firstly no one is law abiding specifically not the aggressor so why should the victims be begging to be recognized as 'good' and lawful when the other side is obviously not?
Secondly, my former long time career criminal friend taught me of skeletons in closets: "Everyone has SOMETHING".
Thus no one is innocent and even if you are the closest thing to it, the psychological warfare experts involved in this system will find something to use against your own psych anyway.

The rest they can manufacture for the public. Im sure anyone can be framed in an unflattering light also.

Many TIs who are Survivors of mind control and programming have purposely been put into situations and surrounded by people who are unsavory and will keep them down. If the person tries to leave this unsavory lifestyle or world that's usually when they get targeted.
However their past will be used by immoral scum hiding behind legit authority and present the person as-immoral scum to the public.

None of this gets into mass mind control either which is interesting.
It should. Bush only got in on his second term by the use of mass brainwashing or influencing the American public to vote differently.

It's an article that makes TIs feel better as well as serves for awareness to the public. Its just incomplete and stays very superficial.

Its a nice lead though for people who dont understand us or our situations.

I mean for all I know in my campaign of being targeted the NSA might be helping protect me from some other entity that's being murderous and irresponsible, like the military or police ib my hometown.

They do spy on EVERYONE don't they??

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Anonymous said...

Now they're openly using drones to spy on us. Amazon is testing them to deliver packages. And in a zoo somewhere in the Netherlands, a chimp doesn't like being watched:

Haha! It's funny, because if it weren't a chimp, but an American sheeple, it'd be more like, "hey awesome! I'm being watched by the my perp friends. Weeee!!!"