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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Castro and Honest Mahn Obama Kickin It. A Torture Camp Brings Homies Together

It warms the heart to see a torture camp complete with ritual abuse, unethical human experimentation and human rights violations bring together two nations!

Cuba and the US! He says Obama is an "honest man!"

Seems Obama's diplomat Jay-Z and bitch Beyonce did a stellar job with their diplomatic visits to Cuba some years ago.
With his 'Do What Thou Wilt' logo t shirts and hoodies being so popular even the prez sporting a T at events-how can he lose?

Crowley is my homie, Yo! Aleister kept it real! If he were alive today they'd be kickin it! Visiting the pyramids, smoking opium and doing lots of mountain hiking and hangin' with high society in da EU hood!

The Cosa Nostra and their Jewish syndicate friends did wonders for Cuba-US relations some decades ago but yo, thats old school!
This is a New World Order, bro! You bettcha be down, b*tches!


Anonymous said...

LOL. It's hard to believe that Castro is still alive. It was believed back in the day that he was one of the colluding elements in the JFK assassination. Of course, ruthless old farts that pretend to be all young and hip is one of the main driving forces behind the NWO. Yeah man, let's all pretend we're something we're not. Let's pretend retards and idiots and losers are really winners and the smart ones. And the cowards are brave because they dared harass innocent people. See, it takes a certain amount of balls to get the courage to harass someone.

I suppose the old fart Castro (has Castro EVER been anything other than a tyrannical old fart his entire life?) was of more use than Kadafi. Because, Kadafi would still be alive, much like Bin Laden. But, it would've been a bad PR move to not have gotten bin Laden, because he was set up as an enemy of ours. So of course, we had to kill him eventually. Why did it take us so long? Because the asses ruling in the shadows needed the funding he was providing. So the idea was to have him hang around just long enough to have him wreck havoc and help launder dirty NWO money, while at the same time destroying the scapegoat. I'm sure him and Ollie North fulfilled the same role: use them to wreck havoc and assist in trafficking drugs and weapons, and then off them to make it look like we are good people who always do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sick of the a-holes and idiots that think they're something special simply because they're all on the same page with the same beliefs. I can't believe they are still doing the same stuff psy-ops wise that they were when they first started in 2006. I guess it's proof that a large mass of connected sick people can't be cured. Sucks to be them, because TI's don't need to live in a false paradise like perps and sheep do.