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Friday, April 3, 2015

Gang Stalking In Whole Foods Is As Usual Nasty and Done By Major Assh*les

Whole Foods downtown Austin TX holds it's place as a major gang stalking business like mosy Whole Foods locations (with a few exceptions). Ive actually encountered suppory and positive interface at a handful of this chain's stores but most of them like all supermarkets, are gang stalking hotspot nightmares.


Austin used to be fairly pleasant now aside from a few neighborhoods its a city selling out to developers and advocating expansion at any cost just like Boston did.

There are perp employees here, customers who are very nasty military like stalking harassers who go after Targets aggressively and of course, blacks who are especially vile are used.

Trying to push me into falling into the hands of the African American enemy factions using sexual harassment is as always a main focus of theirs. Usually this is reserved for Liberal areas like Boston or San Diego. It only occurs in certain areas here.

Why Lamar is so disgusting with gang stalking from the river northwards i don't understand but that's how it maps out.

The employees of Whole Foods markets have always been ranked as some of THE most brutal, viscous gang stalkers of any corporate entity Ive had the displeasure of experiencing and Austin TX has an especially arrogant bunch of little c*cksuckers here who have always taken extra liberties to say THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS things to me as a TI. Cambridge and Brighton stores in MA were heavily infiltrated and have employees that engage in almost violent harassment and stalking activity.

This entire operation now seems to be about making Targets into lone shooters or cause us to act out violently. Making Targets look as if they might be dangerous, anti government and potentially so delusional that they are a threat to themselves and others I think is a main goal right now.

I will leave the US no problem before I will do something like that. My book is a huge bombshell and thats good enough for me (yet too good for my enemies).

Hopefully i can hurt as many people in the US who have hurt me over the years but its not likely.

The country is evil and hopelessly enslaved. There are so many assholes in on gang stalking and people who are basically compliant that simply giving up on America and going elsewhere is really the only solution in the end anyway.

Shooting them doesnt make any sense. As we've all seen from all the hoaxes and False Flags the little shits get forewarnings anyway so they never suffer as usual.

They always let innocent people do that for them.

If the American public knew what total scum they were really surrounded by on a daily basis, things would be alot different.

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