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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Perp Owns Gas Station 12th and Lamar

Gas station in 12th and Lamar area. Alot of gang stalking right around here generally but no overt police harassment mostly just store employees or managers/owners. Some weird guys always hanging around 7-11 always get weirded out when they see me coming into store lot, and always leave immediately...or if just one stays he looks real weirded out.

Black jerk older guy who was obvious about knowing who I was IN 2011 when i first visited Austin TX for first time wasnt there this time.

A guy putting stuff in his trunk kept messing with me and baiting me smas as I was flying a sign on corner across street.
When he went into store i went in and it turned out he was behind the counter and he owned the place. The first thig he sais as I entered was an obnoxious "Nobody panhandling across street allowed in here". Real overdramatic and arrogant. I asked if he was ownet and immediately knew it was bad news due to the fact i had been harassed in there by the old black guy in 2011.

I wisely left the property but photographed him and the place, so everyone now knows that there is definitely something going on with this place and the owner.

So it clarified for me that alot of the viscous, heavy handed anti-homeless actions or harassment against me I deal with IS ACTUALLY GANG STALKING.

Becuz i get more mistreatment and bad behavior from the public for being homeless or panhandling or having a backpack than most people.

It's most likely all part of psychological warfare and MK Ultra behavior modifcation.

Phones been hacked by some virus that messed up SD card when plugged into computer at ACCollege.

Couldn't access blog last few days without extreme difficulty.

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