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Friday, May 16, 2008

WARNING: Graduation week

Not alot of time, had to come to pay by minute computer, out of my way: Got hit harder thatn usual nowadays becuz perps tatking advantage of confusion and computer/store hour changes due to graduation, comencwement week. Be aware if in Boston, MA or other college town/area where this is happening.

My story: Had to bend down to find reciept in bag. Security (as usual perp right?) guard, African American, american born, older. Comes by me vedry closely and makes sure he says 'how ya doin?' this was a term used alot by police and guards and transit police in earlier years of targeting. Passed it off as him doing his job, I WAS crouched and theft was a possibility I understand from his perspective. But then of course it goes too far(of course).

I find my reciept, i bring merchandise and reciept up to customer service. Exchange/perchase.
Guard is up at desk around corner from where i was. I step up, he leaves, i begin my transqaction, he is now in now standing before the registers which i sall behind me. He is staring at me and CONTINUUES TO DO SO even after he can plainly see that i have a reciept and merchanise.

I ask him if i can help him with something. He replies aggressivrely, i tell him politaly that it feels like harassment , (psychological in nature). Its intimidating. He replies very rudely "take it anyway you want" right out in public. At this same time there are people gathaering around the desk, another younger lback male walks by the desk to leave store, he looks right at me and says "how ya doin" as I am OBVIOUSLY under stress from speaking to the security guard. He passes by me, and I calmly go on with what i am doing, no reaction from staff behind desk, no stopping the security staring still.

After my transaction i ask the staff behind the desk to get the manager. He understands and ultimatley the end result with him being aggressive and speaking out to me he says is unnacceptable.
We agree that him continuing to watch me intimidatingly even after i produce a reciept and merchandise and items to purchase at desk is on the side of wrong but is the darker side of a grey area where he is 'just doing his job' and " cannot let someone intimidate him out of him doing his job".

The persons 'around' the desk were just there inconveniently. if you have the ability to hack into these security cameras(and i know some of you do) you can plainly see a well dressed african american male (long black coat)with a female blocking my way out of the store at desk. What is amusing about him is his statement on the cell phone he is on about Allah..I have been thru this for so many years, in these situations I can feel the wolfpack gathering, and the non reaction/non interference on the Targets behalf is always suspect. (as is the casual interference wiht the target as they are going thru duress in the situation. Diversion DURING stress to cause more stress..interesting).

I know it wasnt normal what happened becuz i felt very small, very helpless and very uncomfortable.
Today i had a very open dialogue with someone who had seen on Yahoo! the story on microwaves used fo rcrowd control. She understood what i was saying , mentioned that everyone is intimidated by this administration and still didnt understand how BAD this whole situaion is for all mankind. Human experimentaion made her eyes sort of glaze over....its always the same. a few of us are awake as it all begins, once again.
The sequence of events is the same and i think with always will be. Denial and then its too late.

I caould be being harassed becuz the city is off shcedule but its more becuz i had too open diaologue in too public a place.... and tried to make someone understatnd(gently) how this al relates to what has been going on behind the scenes for years.

Also, I made a break today and felt stronger about taking some action.

Perhaps, and i suspect this becuz the tactics used today are from my targeting in this city years ago, this area around Berklee and symphony still hasnt learned its Lesson...
about me knowing I am a gang stalking target and will network with other survivors, blog and report it to others.

Also, the Asian manager of the whole foods i used to work at/frequent in Brighton used to laugh at me when i was being heavily explioted in those days.
I saw him recenlyt in Cambridge store, I looked at him like "i know what u all did to me -what u r adn what u r part of"...he looked at me with the most aggressive 'too bad bitch, your the victim' arrogant look you have ever seen. Total lack of responsibility.

Also, I need the herbs at whole foods, thats all i've needed there. If there hadnt been mold exposure, i wouldnt need herbs to treat meany allergy conditions that complicate my life.

I beleive the next time i go in there, professionalism and good manners will prevail.

The security guard is older, and worked today at 7pm when this happened.

I am sure it wont happen again, nor will the Fools join in.

There was a guy who works for whole foods in the 12 step group i was in that tried to impress me into bed , but it just pissed me off and i rejected him.....who knows what the problem is.

I blogged it.
Its not my problem anymore.

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