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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Hidden Evil goes into hiding

Well, I am sorry for myself and everyone who is targeted. But it seems when I honorable mention some one's sight its like I shot at them or something.

I must be the most hated Target in the world.

Anyway, days after I suggested this website, which i had been viewing for years, the TI
revamped it totally and i dont have a copy of the cached one that was full of info.

I emailed him and got an auto response saying sorry if no personal response.

Its ok, there is alot of mistrust in the Targeted community about who is an operative, a perp or an opportunist or just plain a whack job( maybe i shouldnt use that term...hmm).

Anyway, i apologise if i messed up any one's situation, but with the hack job they did on me in the arena of a certain TI activism group I can imagine the gossip or rumours(they got me real f*ckin good too, right in the beginning when i still didnt understand how it all worked).

The other factor messing up the TI community, possibly a tactic, is alot of TI's are snobs. They feel somehow that people who are 'innocents' should stick together becuz it makes the Cause look better in its appeals.

I wrote a piece on that many entries ago, concerning the fact that if victims mixed up with criminal types become Targets then it should question our justice system even more and the validity of this system of repression in general, becuz THAT IS WHY WE HAVE A JUDICIAL SYSTEM, not a lynch mob system.

The value of people with possible criminal involvement being included in the TI community would be endlessly valuable for reasons i jsut mentioned (diversity) but also would bring to light the endless possibilities for cover ups using criminal patsies and fall guys as human guinea pigs without society's questioning those actions, becuz, hey, so and so deserved it. Then of course never questioning the actions of the truly guilty criminal parties.

Alas, no one wants to think that hard. Everyone just wants it to go away.
Well, with how infiltrated the TI activism forums are(welcome to COINTELPRO type activist busting), driving out REAL targets and making other real targets confused and paranoid this bullsh*t could go on indefinitely.

But you know what...perhaps it was just time for the guy to revamp his website and the timing was dead on...

Who knows? Sorry if I brought heat on you at all.


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