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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sound familiar ladies?

Sounds very familiar..except for the egg stealing, but who knows?

I used to be very pretty. Now I am still pretty enough for people to wonder why I am homeless. And u know how the perps are -they'll make u feel ugly.

In the beginning all the really overt perpetrators of organized stalking I dealt with around the country kept trying to push the ex boyfriend revenge service idea.
Well, that didnt work-its a stupid cover story becuz I was targeted by these bozos starting in 1996 in Waltham, MA when the rather overt tactics started being used.

I look back and see I have always had tactics used on me all my life but they were very few and far between becuz I was of use to people then and easily controlled.

Also, in the 24/7 heavy saturation years after 2004 the perps around the country just gave too many cover stories for one to be the truth..its called 'anchoring' and they screwed themselves on trying to push just that one motive at a certain point.
Besides, by himself, my ex would never have that much power. He wouldnt have done something like this either unless he was scared to death to not comply or bought off with his wildest dreams to come true-I see both were used actually.

But being targeted is a complex matter. There are alot of sequences of events overlapping, etc.

They target you, they can drive you crazy with tech and sending in the worst handlers -horrible evil people.. and you go crazy and start betraying info and confidences...then you have jsut provided blackmail material to get other people to help target you..

I read one male Target's thread that said that gangstalking creates a "network of victims".. like a web he described it. Others are forced to help target the victim by being victimized themselves.

Yet this post was helpful becuz it lets me know that this is the activity of a crime syndicate possilby and the activity itself is the crime.

This would explain these morons being fascinated and perplexed with how 'highly intelligent' I am..or was, at this point.

They never realized they had been set up to destroy a deprogramming mind control survivor.
The people at the upper levels of the mind control trafficking end of things must have been laughing their asses off or at least enjoying the show..
These f*cks just thought I was some old bitch someone wanted to get rid of or that I was still attractive enough to re-victimize.
It would also explain why alot of the sh*t heads I had to deal with thought that mind control survivors could simply be ordered around or easily controlled. They were amateurs.

I know what the ultimate goal is however. Its to make sure i get as much brain damage and diversion as possible so any memories I have from deprogramming do not come up. It's to keep me busy and make sure i get worn make sure that when its over i have no looks, no power, minimal abilities and cant remember a damn thing.

Its to reduce my once brilliant and imaginative mind to that of an average citizen. Its to teach me I can trust no one and turn my heart cold so I have to live out the rest of my life as a frump with no enjoyment out of life.

And why in the world would i allow that? My programming will not allow me to suffer so and they know it.

I can definitely see this scenario going on with beautiful women.
In mind control and inter generational satanic families alot they use breeders..its a very sad world.

Everyone wants to act like the 70's and 80's are over, you know? Like they have cleaned up law enforcement and real sleaze like this activity..all that has been done is that criminals are more savvy, tech, worldy and white collar about what they do.

And she is correct..alot of uhh-'foriegn' players are in the mix nowadys.

This post is 10 years ago as you know the damage that these people have done after 2003 by using the terror threat to thier advantage? All the changes in privacy?

It's a mess.

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