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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Institutionalization and crushing spirits

Modification and its Discontents:
The National Conference on Behavioral Issues in Closed Institutions.
"Total institutions crush the spirit, break the spirit",argued Edward Opton. "It's in their nature to do so. This is not because wardens and guards are sadists, though some are, but because they must do so…. Total institutions are places of great pressure and strain," he continued. "The administration must use social and psychological strategies to hold them together."

Among the strategies he listed were indeterminism (holding people for an indefinite time), rewards and punishments ("the brutal treatment of a few serves as an example and an incentive to the remainder"), and "breaking the spirit and will" through "degrading initiation ceremonies, isolation from social supports, and proving to inmates that they can be made to behave as robots in the most intimate parts of their lives."

(uhh, can anyone say 'gang stalking'?)
The thing about this article is that the arrogance of the professionals involved still exists today but it is carefully hidden.
Who needs a physical setting like an institution when you can use the same methods on a subject(victim) that requires only covert activities and remote influence with technologies?

The reason the general public will NOT buy into most TI's experiences today is that we have what is percieved as a 'kinder, gentler' psychiatric community.

In reality is has become one that bribes patients with not only appears to be the legitimization of a drug culture, but by providing patients with 'goodies' they would have had to obtain illegally just years ago as part of thier overall med plan. (Take your mood stabilizer/anti-depressant..but have some Xanax too.)
I have 21 yr olds cooing to me about the wonder of the psychiatrists office-as-drug dealer..and if only one gives in to a diagnosis, any diagnosis, then one can obtain lots of 'fun' pills and such.
Its a f*ckin joke to them.
Its a druggie culture and the institutional legitimacy appeals heavily to these Reagan-era born babes i am sure.

So society is not only afraid to question the all powerful psychiatric profession at this point--they need what they are giving them. They're 'hooked'.
Then, like I mentioned there is the repackaging of the psych communtiy.. and there are no more of those horrible type of instituions they had back then..right?
Yes, but like all the rest of the corruption alot of us witnessed in the 1970's it has simply gone hidden. You treat the public with more respect to thier face now..they have the internet, they are more informed. More savvy.
But the behaviors of a small perverse group as well as the elitist attitude of an entire profession doesnt just disappear.
Use what scientific thinking you have..things dont just go away, where did it go?
Like everything else its covert now or hidden from public scrutiny.
So take your happy pills to forget about how screwed up the world is becoming and treat corruption more politley.
Its uncool to care. Its passe to fight. Just take those pills, make that money and get yourself a walled off community to live in where you can avoid it all.
Of course, so its easy to write people off then. People who dont matter and as the article mentions people who are ..inconvenient especially dont matter.

If you want to fight the system of oppression like some of us are forced to then stop taking certain illicit drugs..
Why? Heres why. The pot you smoking nowadays is not only stronger than it was pre 1990's , it also has the effect of being able to function-which alot of people say is a good thing.
I have noticed however that it also seems to make smokers depressed and apathetic..which may sell anti depressants.
It also seems to have low THC levels- it doesnt make smokers seem to 'love thier brother' or anyone else for that matter. It seems to make people emotionally level with whatever bad they are doing.
What makes you think that the system would not infiltrate and change the structure of illegal/recreational drugs, if they could, to influence the public's mental state to something desirable to them? The technology is certainly available to do so.
Cannibis (pot)has been around too long and its far too socially acceptable. Question that.
The most disturbing thing and the most amusing was a bunch of perps, nasty ones, smoking while I was in the midwest. It was the same stupid drug culture driven, mindless us or them/ 'Yer not smoking so u r an outsider' bunch of bullsh*t.
To have people this cruel , insane and heartless smoking pot, it was so...counter-counter cultural. These assholes are destructive and seem to work for a nasty, covert part of the system that wants people repressed. And becuz they were white and all wayward rich kids it was even MORE surreal. That they would have to engage in this sort of behavior to begin with.)

Anyway, you can see from the article above that TI's are treated like they are in jail..its behavior modification and alot of us dont deserve it.

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