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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How about some truth this evening? Dont choke on it now..

To start -
Article: The Sexual Bondage of Women.

Now, it being said that i find for my tastes that article a bit moralistic and I do not recognize 'God' (anyone else is free to and I respect that.).

Imagine for a moment if you found yourself coming out of such a situation, but becuz of a system of compartmentalization or even the use of an alter ego you found you WERE left with an intact Inner Core ; the proverbial 'Heart of Gold'. And also imagine that you finally realized you had talents and intelligence and intended to use them.

Add onto that years in 12 step recovery that had given you a renewed sense of self care for health and other issues.
Also imagine if you were merely in your early 30's and still attractive and shapely.

YOU COULD MAKE A WHOLE NEW LIFE FOR YOURSELF AND FIND THE 'LIGHT'....what these people refer to as 'God' or something of inner contentment akin to thier biblical God.

Now, imagine to your horror as you begin to thaw and awaken that therapists seem to not help you recondition yourself to make this change. Its odd but you persevere and do it yourself, come up with ideas on your own. Still you seem to get stonewalled and people arent responding and getting you the help you need.
Then you go it alone, still beleiving you have a future. You've had to fight your way out of situaions alone, why not this one.
But then everything seems to crash down around you. You are brought into issues that have nothing to do with you , you are slandered, framed, set up, villified, find yourself harassed taunted, survailled, exploited in sinister covert ways, betrayed and abandoned.
You are alone and you are being torn to shreds.

Why? Becuz women who have sex slave programming or at least are shattered just enough to have alter ego's CAN retain an inner core that never gets rotten by 'the business'.
But how dare you try to get away and have a new life.

You will be punished for not remaining to play the game like everyone else. Amd why should any woman be able to have a better life after this sort of lifestyle. Society WANTS to see these women rotting on the streets, old broken- basically done.

And woe betide the woman who doesnt fall as she should.

This is what will happen to deprogramming people. They are expected to drop dead like every other 'typical' woman of ill repute.
I beleive society is very threatened by someone who can go thru these trials, test thier meddle, gain knowledge, and then make a full recovery.

Women are not allowed to return from battle proud warriors. Nor are they to grow into healers of society nor fierce activists.

They msut remain pathetic victims and if they dare to not fit the bill, then they will be blacklisted and harassed until they are not quite so smart, so beautiful and young looking, so nimble on their feet.

And society goes along with it becuz they have no idea what they have denied themselves becuz it does not exist...ever wonder why?

Be a victim or do not exist is what or society is telling survivors.

Survivors are supposed to be Losers that made it not turn into Winners.


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