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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on homelessness

ok nobody wants to read anything on homelessness. I would just like to tell what I know.

Its great to have a person like me to dump on, every screwed up system in any community can stay that way becuz i am the activist to not be believed now. It will go onto record somwhere very public how I was not only targeted in Boston shelters but how messed up they are to begin with.
Also, lets go a little further. You've got a society that either ignorant of people being targeted or they feel its just another problem, like homelessess that for whatever reason the system
refuses to deal with properly. I know from experience and from ex-cons and criminals telling me so that shelters are full of informants. Not only that there are people working out of these places or running thier businesses. A Target is like an opportunity for them. Not only so do u have to put up with alot of crap anyway, you never know if that particular ration of crap was for hire or not.(on purpose, targeting a person).

On top of being blacklisted and being screwed out of your old digs anyway, they treat you like your spoilt if you dont come in late drunk or stoned. You came in late becuz you either worked that day and then wrote or did research on the computer or you did research all day or whatever.
My life is breakneck paced, with dealing with the daily idiots on top of TRYING TO SAVE MY OWN LIFE and preserving what is left of 'Me'. If you observe your average homeless woman she seems to have an inordinate amount of time to sit around and talk about relativaley nothing with other women. Seems to have friends and family to visit, seems to have people to stay with occasionally.

The atmosphere is always gruelingly anti-intellectual. On top of being socially isolated and gangstalked, that is dangerous for your sanity. And whats left of your intellect. I am sure that is the purpose of driving a target to homelessness.

How many of these people are targeted as opposed to real genuine homelessness?

The point of homelessness is to get housed eventually. I cannot do that permanently , not with the horrors I have experienced in a home setting as a TI.

Whats interesting is in recent years the state has taken over all the shelters, ones that were run by trusts. All Dept of Transistional Assistance run now. The STATE.

Then thier main objective lately has been to get everyone housed instead of homeless.

Do you not think they know how much more stress this puts on Targets? They must know.
It says I now one less safe place to go.

Years ago no names were taken. Now, nationwide they do an intake that is so invasive you'd think you were going for therapy or going to a hospital inpatient. I have researched this nationwide just by having to stay out of necessity in these places.
Its info gathering and thats that.

Think about it. Get info on everyone, get everyone housed----CONTROL.

Yet, have a complete Blackout on targeting of human beings whether TI's or simple blacklisting, or organized stalking/psychological harassment.

Answer: Targets have no place to go that isnt invasive and be anonymous.
Well of course they dont.
Becuz 'gangstalking' and blacklisting and covert harassment dont exist! The person is obviously mentally ill!

Dont you love how the above board world LIVES on circular logic? They suck and they know it.

I would love to start a shelter just for artists and anyone capable of an intellectual conversation.
Politeness will be encouraged.
No informants, no jail mentality.

Targeted women will be protected, no psychological harassment /bullies allowed. If there are bullies then people who abhor head games but prefer a more direct approach will be welcome to invite the person to take it outside without penalty.

Stealing is would not be tolerated and is a lifetime ban.

Everyone must shower /brush teeth or they are out of there. A health check up, no mysterious coughs and such.
Anon: a number, no name.
If you snore you'll have to get it taken care of or go on the Snore Floor.
Sleep in/up late as your body sees fit; as long as it results in productivity.
If your drunk or stoned as long as your peaceful, you can stay.
No mold or unhealthy ventilation systems.
If you can you pay to stay if not, lets work on it.

If someone is truly mentally ill and thier behavior is unusual or disconnected, a vote will be taken as to how disruptive it really is.

No more dirt, no more filth, no more state run poverty. If these women wish to use this facility to get back on their feet so be it. If they find they like living collectively then so be it.
Imagine a truly safe place from ANY kind of unmanageable issue in a woman's life that drove her to this.
A safe place to truly regenerate or work things out.

I understand that the shelters are for women who would have no place else in society to go.
I just wish society was managed better. Why must it always be the heavy hand of the Republican or the Conservative or the bleeding heart of the Liberal? Either one just doesnt seem to help everyone. Just someone and the other someones get left out.

Its becuz the world is perpetuated to be miserable. There is plenty of balance out there, but people prefer the tug of war the push and pull.

I will never understand why.

So basically I work hard everyday within the confines I am given and I am still turned away at the door if its too late, even though there is room in the Lobby, and if I do get in I sleep on the floor but am denied a blanket..even though the next shift can find one magically( i bought a cheap sleeping bag).
To Boston's credit there are a few shelters that are not invasive as well as some drop-in centers.
There is one in particular that never refuses women, as it should be.You sleep on a floor where you can use no blanket however becuz its a fire hazard. bring a very oversize old coat.

All of this is incidental to me. Humans have lived outdoors or 'roughed it' for thousands of years...if i wasnt a target i could get a group together and go sleep somewhere healthy(outdoors)
but a woman sleeping out doors alone-not advisable. One of the few times I admire being in a man's body. They seem to be able to camp out as long as there careful all over the US. I envy thier adventure.

Another annoying thing about this situation is alot of perps rub it in that the slander used against me with this is that I am a 'Free spirit' and enjoy the freedom and irresponsibility of it all.

They have been using that since I had to leave my apartment due to mycotoxins being just unbearable. ITS ALWAYS THE TARGET'S FAULT. The target chooses to live this way.. that is key to thier campaign.

I would rather be in my own house by now, housing some starving artists paying rent while I write, paint and go to my job as a councilor for women's issues. I would rather have nice clothes and look good. I would rather volunteer at a shelter than be at one.

You may read this and it only serves the perps by giving them cred "oohhh, i dont want that to happen to me, look how awful." good, then stop being an ass and read this so you'll know what to do instead of being horrified and saddened becuz, presumably it WILL never happen to you.

Greater and lesser people than I have had to go to battle.

I just wish i wouldnt be forced to conform to a system in the shelter network that, as part of the system in general failed me once already. I will not cow tow to that.
The system has failed me since i can remember, in ways no one else, poor, rich black or white will ever have to deal with.(unless they are a life long target).

When i ask to be let in late at nite after working all day and then in the evening or if i call and ask for female beds and i get a no, as of late, always followed by a snicker....hell its yer system.
I have seen first hand that you just do what you want anyway regardless of the laws in your 'system' .

You can do what you want...
But I will not forget it.

Oh, by the way did I mention that I plan on getting out of this and being a Hell banche of revenge right out of the horrors of your subconscious minds?
Whats that you say? You have none left? Imagination is illegal like a drug?
Of course you have dark fears in your subconscious minds.

What do you think put me here in the first place?

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