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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

US Marines not a cult

Today I got perped. I'll explain later but one of the special chracteristics of my gangstalking situation is that my family insists on trying to get me labeled, becuz so it is written i guess. Another long lost family member I havent seen in years was allegedly labled crazy becuz he kept on about some plot by official parties I will not name and that my mother's family was invovlved. This man by jsut the story I am told exhibits all the stresses of a person who is a target of organized stalking. He was rebellious and asked too many questions. When I would show these characteristics growing up in my cult like mind control family i was immediatley shot down with " now you sound like your(family member)." Argueing with familial authority or making too much sense or using logic instead of giving inot emotional stron srm tactic always lead to the ideation that i was not oart of 'the family' becuz now i was behaving like an absent loathed member.
The discovery of this persons getting labeled has been used against me extensively throughout my ordeal. Perps who are strangers as well as family members alike are obssessed with pushing the idea that i am crazy becuz its genetic... well, genuises, so is intergenerational targeting of family members. And there was no internet for the older people invovled for them to get some clue as to wha twas happening.
Anyway, there has been alot of attepmts by the perps from the start to psych me out with alot of intimation of military involvment. You know the idiots who dress like military..i am sorry but i can usual tell if your for real or not. but this is in my case to lead me easlily to where they lead my poor lost ralation..i am sure they used these tactics. UNTIL I SEE MY NAME ON FILE THAT CAN BE PROVED OFFICIAL AND NOT FAKES I NOR ANYONE ELSE HAS NO PROOF AS TO WHO IS BEHIND MY BEING TARGETED.

DUH!( how stupid are these f*cks? gees, i guess there only hope IS to wear me down til i drop)

Anyway, becuz another family member is Marines obsessed due to my grandparents having been part of, I have gotten harrassed alot by persons trying to intimate Marine involvement.

Just as they did today. I wanted to rip this guys head off today. Stop using your association with the Corp as intimidation. Maybe they do it cuz they know it pisses me off....but I have an interesing article that proves the Marines are not cult like..no matter how much insecure perp f*cks try to use thier name to mess with targets heads. :


I would however, conceive 0f some less stable members or former Marines being involved in gangstalking becuz they are need to perp people and that is something they need to do, outside of thier military status.

I can also see someone as insane as certain family members having discussions with former Marines who are perps and them all happily agreeing that I need to grow up and that this ordeal is a great boot camp like experience or some total self serving bullsh*t.

The great part of the article is something I have always liked to think about the Corps as different from the way my family misuses thier affiliation with them.

"Military training and legitimate executive training programs may use the dictates of authority as well as peer pressure to encourage the adoption of new patterns of thought and behavior. They do not seek, however, to accelerate the process by prolonged or intense psychological depletion or by stirring up feelings of dread, guilt, and sinfulness...."

Some might disagree but once you learn something in the Marines isnt there reward for achievement? A sense of completion?

I refuse to associate the Marine Corp with any perp activity. Any perp who does this I immediatley mark it as a weakness in thier character...it is akin to the cheap habit of name dropping and it smells like desperation to me.

And disrespect, considering becuz my only remaining grandparent is wrapped up in this I cannot see her becuz I hav eto be busy with my own war..not a war in my own mind but very real covert war with a sick network of killers only identified as gangstalkers. I will prob have to go to Bourne Cemetery to see her again. I will miss the guns going off at her funeral.

And also, the perps keeping me busy with this nonsense has taken away my plans I had to volunteer with vets. It was my way of getting right with my hatred of what the Military had seemed to pass into my family. Also, there are enough coming back and there are enough who need help right now.

But the perps are not people who support you doing anything good with your life or are they people who want to see you evolve as a person. If I would have started volunteering, I would have become even MORE unbrainwashed I would have become right with alot of the issues I had with my family.

Dont let the perps psych you out with mentioning any organizations until you have proof.

If you are curious about the Military possible role in the weapons and experimentaion used against targets there are plenty of publications that are legit in showing what they are up to..magazines etc.
You just have to assume they would be unethical enough to experiment on humans possibly.

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