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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where Are My Readers? Who Said It Was Ok To Give Up TI Activism?

Whats going on with my readers? Why are there no comments from anyone other than a few perps? Am I blocked in Europe by censorship or new cookies policy or something?

It would suck that just becuz I had a very hard time over the past two years that people would abandon me for being ambushed.

I didnt understand the only reason people were nice to me or treating me with respect was that i had allies in power. When they left or died I got caught off guard. Its been awful. I had to make all kinds of compromises and seek support from seedy people even members of enemy factions.

Now Massachusetts is trying to destroy me with a false terrorism tip and when I tried to get advocacy Harvard Police Dept frames me with a bogus claim of an threatning email to get me sectioned in a locked unit for evaluation?

Then the diagnoses on the discharge paperwork is totally false also? And everyone in my group of what I thought was friends in Harvard Sq turns on me?

This is SUPPOSED to be about Mk ULTRA and what went on during Bush and early Obama as well as whats continuing now. Companies like Boston Dynamics are forging ahead with very frightening technology and the MIC continues its endless-war-for-profit.

The issue of man's survival and humanity's future is all that matters. Thats the point, the main focus. Not the changes or falls from percieved grace of any single activist.

And changes in how the NWO is defined are going to occur.
If it becomes apparent that the NWO is utilizing mass immigration in Europe as well as certain demographics of immigrants and or People Of Color in the USA as part of the long term plan to enslave humanity theres no time or place for Political Correctness. Those issues HAVE to be addressed as means of oppression by the NWO.

All that matters is awareness and that people know what happened during the post 9-11 Bush administration that has shaped the reality we now exist in.

Then the people can choose their fate for themselves.

The occurence of Fukushima definitely makes things seem futile as if all of this is now for nothing and essentially all is lost becuz it wont matter soon anyway.

Yet even if the population becomes lowered due to Fukushimas long term effects as well as other factors the public who are interested should be informed about just what is the true nature of living under a man made dome or other controlled false environment as well as the real risks and abuse of power thats possible with the up and coming technologies being marketed to them.

And the world should know that unethical human experimentation still occurs now so easier than ever due to the private sector and govt having so much power and advantage through intelligence gathering, spy manpower, technology and the public being kept in a world thats far behind the elite and their cronies.

Whatever it takes to deliver that information no matter how unpleasant should be in order not how an activist behaves or how they do under pressure. No one doing anything this difficult should be judged by performance unless of course this is all just continued MK Ultra experimentation and thats your focus.

I havent been discredited either. Ive been bombarded by the assholes who now run Boston and Cambridge and an increased number of what seems like endless fucked up Millenials who are severely messed up and seem so indoctrinated into cult mind control that the age group itself must now be assessed as a potential threat due to the high number of organized stalkers as well as their overt heartlessness and disregard for international and domestic laws in relation to what gang stalking and MK Ultra type projects entail.

Every Target must now keep the focus as well as adapt to the new conditions around them. If theres more kids out there who seem determined to support the NWO and the war crimes that have taken place perhaps its becuz troops are coming home to America and former military today looks alot different than in decades past.

Whatever is going on the increase in harassment doesnt change the fact that TIs deserve justice and that the system is WRONG. No amount of intimidation is going to change WHAT THEY'VE DONE.

Whats happening to TIs out there? I dont hear from you anymore and people are abandoning their blogs. Stop jumping ship like cowards.

It wasnt such a bad end in the bar of the upside down sinking Titanic, drinking and listening to the band play...knowing there werent enough life boats.

If like me the place you called home COMPLETELY WENT TO HELL and you know you cant be on the west coast anymore due to FUKUSHIMA RADIATION making it unsafe (and other accidents also) then find someplace else. Continue activism.

The latest con theyve come up with is to have a bunch of young snotrags half my age try to convince me Ive failed and Im old and its time to go out to pasture and forget about What I was trying to do becuz the climate now is so against dissidence and theres so many covers now so kids can demand censorship. Why are we allowing a bunch of kids who are probably let loose on society by those Bastards the Baby Boomers, define the whole f&cking world for everyone?

Im sick of kids half my age controlling my life, disrespecting me and destroying my life. Millenials in America can go f;ck themselves as far as Im concerned unless they mind their own business or are trying to be aware of whats really going on.

Another good reason to leave college towns like Boston. The kids in the past two years have been insufferable little bastards that are totally intolerant of anything resembling struggle unless that struggle registers with them as based on race or sexualiy or other Liberal elitist agenda bs. At least in places like Boston. Im sure people in conservative areas come up with their own rationales and excuses for engaging in gang stalking - and Im not concerned with what they are.

Theres no excuse for stopping activism now. I notice alot of police brutality of activists is being hidden under BLM and anti-domestic terrorism. Just like the abuses of us were hidden under post 9-11 and the Bush war era as well as early Obama.

Where are you guys? Im not continuing this work for ghosts you know.


  1. Too many pigs around here,but I read you in silence.

    You saved my life,love you always.

    Big Hug

  2. Your blog no longer shows up in th egoogle search engine - I found it through another TI site that posts your blog.

    My blog also no longer shows up in google anywhere - but does in Bing.