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Monday, March 7, 2016

New Horizons Shelter In Manchester- Full Of Perps, City Run and Im Not The Only One To Feel The Oppression


This is the most uptight insanely regimented 'wet' shelter Ive ever seen. (Wet is a term simply indicating not a dry shelter as in a dry town with no alcohol sales or use. People who are active drunks or drug addicts can stay in wet shelters.)

It wouldnt be my first choice but there was no other emergency shelters around or anything with vacancy when I was in this area.

The place has signs inside that keep posting its actively monitored by the police dept.

Oh-kaaaaayyyyy. GREAT! So what?

Ok so thats like weird and oppressive also (which you're going to get alot more examples of.)

Its like one big dysfunctional family in there. Oh how mobbing can bring otherwise totally f#cked people  together! Awwww.

Anyways so on my first night and thereafter staff kept saying in sheer fear, that its a federal offense to let anyone know Im in the shelter. "Its a felony" repeatedly.


Uh...so whats going on in THIS place?

And one thing I must say is that for the first time in about a good year to year and a half, NOBODY IN THE CITY HARASSED ME when I went outside into the downtown or surrounding areas. It was amazing. I havent had a moments piece in a long time since the harassment intensified.

Normal people in the street! Normal behaviors! Wow!!

So I enjoyed this strange reality of near normalcy for a day or two.

I had my phone plugged in on the side of a bank so I could find my way on Google maps. Early morning.

Two cops show up and say they couldnt see what I was doing but now see I was just charging. They said it was suspicious that I was standing next to a bank that was closed in this sort of corner.

So they run my name and its clear.
This must be a way that its then open to whoever is doing this my whereabouts. Scary eh?

Becuz THEN the harassment started around the city. Sadly it became just like many other places-most store employees, customers, many bus passengers, people passing by in the street. Old low life's trying to gain my confidence or friendliness.

So I gotta hand it to that shelter-I had the opportunity to realize that its not Armageddon and the whole world has not turned against me.

Thats been invaluable becuz in the past year or so I've become as systematically isolated and its become a dangerous situation.

The woman in the above link obviously drinks and either has mental health issues or doesn't realize whats happening to her.
The article at least displays some human sympathy of a sensible nature. The point should be that its a wet shelter. Behaviors associated with humans who take mind and mood altering substances are going to be present. Yet youd never know it in this shelter. The guests dont act out as much as big city areas which is great but that being said the place is oppressive as hell considering the demographics they are dealing with.

You cant touch or hug another person when you say hello like a female friend.
I was advising an older woman on how to pack her stuff as she had more things that baggage. Simple Traveler courtesies that are standard in that culture. Being a Traveler is all about discovering, learning and trading knowledge as a loosely knit tribe. Also being from Cambridge Massachusetts the idea of not being able to help another female is totally foreign to me-and quite distasteful.

Theres this whole section in the paperwork when you come in about how no one will harass anyone while they stay at the shelter or partake in any "choas causing behaviors" that divert from a guest focusing on their goals.

Another oppressive place designed to harass people into getting housed when its the country that's failed these common people in these areas to begin with.

Its a joke becuz the staff and a mob of much of the guests or clients were harassing and just jerks. They have clients come inside the building at 6:30 pm but you cant go upstairs until 8pm. So you are a captive sitting duck for an hour and a half-its quite unpleasant.

Joining in conversation at a table with my age group and up worked for the first and second night then it became impossible to sit there and try to converse with desperate people who were awkwardly running their hands through their hair or tapping the sides of their legs constantly.

Another indication of something shady at this place was there was an overweight older male there who had a place in Portsmouth NH but claimed his roomate had been ill so decided to stay in New Horizons shelter in Manchester for two weeks.

I recognized him as former staff from the shelter in Portland NH.

Recycled perps are never a good sign as it indicates the location is desperate and also doesnt care about being stealth. If you go through Los Angeles you may see people you know you've seen before in other locations-many of them, but now they magically have jobs in LA at some bus station etc. Hmm...actors are valuable I guess in intel work eh?

After a few nights when they finally got me upset enough to leave it was probably a good thing.

Id heard from another guest complaints of some corruption like trucks arriving to donate stuff that are promptly sent away and the donations are then seen on store shelves in the area.

Ive learned over the years that every single person who engages in organized harassment has something to hide or is trying to get out of trouble for something or is being blackmailed, coerced etc. Nobody good, normal or decent gets involved in this activity. People always want or need something.

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