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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Was State Trooper Clardy A Blood Sacrifice?

Watching the ads for the St Patrick's Day celebration it purposely features African Americans singing Irish songs and leading the celebration whilst second generation Irish mayor Walsh sits looking on. This of course is just an excerpt yet when put into context with this recent tragedy its chilling.

The driver of the car that struck the trooper's SUV is a Kenyan man (Obama's country of origin. Many sources including his Harvard U year book claims Obama was born in Kenya. Either way its the origin of his African ancestry. Obama's mother is an American white woman.)

The driver has a history of what could be driving under the influence yet in this situation he claims to HAVE BLACKED OUT while his vehicle crossed multiple lanes, then crashed into the trooper who was parked in a routine traffic stop with another vehicle.

The way MA has become these days my first question is who did the trooper piss off? Did he know too much or was he working AGAINST the new viscous totally evil corrupt power structure thats taken over the state or did he cross someone in the past? It seems whoever protected people going against the system in that state are gone and have been overpowered and outnumbered. Many people who had made enemies in the past are now paying dearly for no-one of the main reasons I left with serious concerns for my safety recently.
Did he outlive his usefulness to someone? Was he going to turn on someone or a group with an agenda or corruption?

Could it be something much more sinister and less believable-like a ritual sacrifice? He may have well been a victim of any of the prior mentioned circumstances so his demise serves a dual purpose possibly.

Seeing the previews for the St Pats Day festivities marketed as such so obviously meant to offend at least a portion of the population one has to wonder if this death was meant to have metaphysical value.
Especially in light of Black Lives Matter focusing so exclusively on police brutality.

This is the kind of seemingly unfortunate incident that easily occurs nowadays in MA
surrounded by coincidence, 'bad luck' and mystery.

If you have been a TI during these past 15 plus years you understand what the power structure is capable of and what happens to an area that becomes vulnerable and is no longer protected from their influence.

(as I write this i cannot believe that the cameras on the news report of the funeral is making sure to feature a fat blonde woman in a black shirt that clearly says "I'M NO ANGEL" who is conspicuously running her hands through her hair repeatedly in an awkward and unnatural fashion. Wtf?)

I am saddened but whatever MA does that is potentiallly sinister nowadays doesnt surprise me.

Clardy is an Irish or Scottish surname shortened from McLardy. Killed by a Kenyan who blacked out during the crash-right on St Patrick's Day.
He was also a former Marine. ("Ex" is not correct as it denotes dishonorable discharge.)

The entertainment industry is rife with examples of blood sacrifices. Allegedly connected to a powweful Illuminati.

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Black Lives Matter. This is our country now