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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Daily Mail Article About Electromagnetic Safe Zone In W Virginia Example Of DISINFO Piece In Media

Note the red t shirt. The hand gesturing.

Then notice how unlike most LEGAL CASES DOCUMENTED in the USA concerning electromagnetic pollution like concerned parents wanting to change conditions at kids' schools etc this article does NOT mention any kind of mental or emotional or cognitive disturbance.

Its all about keeping to physical effects.

Btw Sweden may very well legally acknowledge the problem but so do other countries.

Spain awarded a professor disability based on his illness.

France has wifi free villages-Intentional Communities for people who are so effected by these new environmental conditions they want to remove themselves from the polluted environments.

Decades ago it was simply called "microwave sickness" mostly by people operating radar stations but notice now its 'electromagnetic sensitivity'. As if its on the person whos effected by it not due to such tech being unhealthy for all human animal and plant life on earth.

Its a DISINFO article and its obviously designed to not threaten psychiatry or Big Pharma in any way.

Becuz the LEGAL documentations from around the world state otherwise.

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