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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Omg. Energy and Environment in DD Immediately Improved Once Employee In Vid Of Harassment Exited The Building

When the employee in on the harassment skit earlier in the vid exited the building not only did the energy improve like something evil or negative was lifted I noticed that I CALMED RIGHT DOWN.

Ive been disturbed and pissed off all night long due to being harassed earlier which involved that employee in the viseo offering to call the cops on behalf of the harassers. She's one of the worst gang stalkers Ive met in this new city Im in. I think its becuz shes one of these people who is unfortunate in life to have slight physical maladies so the fucking world owes her something and shes going to fuck with anyone she can to get it and probably HIDES BEHIND HER DISADVANTAGES.

Theres shit tons of these jerks all over the USA. The gang stalking system IS ALWAYS RUTHLESS and gets results by any means possible. Ive experienced them using old people, children and handicapped people and that includes people who are seemingly mentally handicapped. People with mild Downs Syndrome or mental retardation but I have to state Ive only seen that disgusting low tactical style in Boston.

In Austin TX only one of the mentally disabled people I worked with to do community service was in on the harassment and it was a fairly functional male who had all the signs of being one of those perps who works for the system due to sex offenses either acting out actual abuse or some sort of illegal porn.

Only Boston could sink that low to get what they want. Ive seen one person like this in the GoodWill here but I chock that up to GreedWill being the source of that. GoodWill in this area has an aggressive gang stalking program for some reason whereas its easier to navigate in other places.

Anything is better than the killing fiwls that Boston has become.

Often I ask myself how are mentally disabled people or children capable of gang stalking? Well arent there child actors and handicapped ones also? Its kind of the same thing.

Its most likely there's a line there of someone being able to be coherent enough with enough cognitive ability to understand and then perform the action. They also seem to grasp that it must be done covertly-the mentally handicapped adults that is. The children always do gesturing carelessly and overtly and its always awkward.
Like why would a young child be plagued by an adult state of mind like vanity? Young children dont brush their hair back in that gesture as an adult would-theres no logical motive for it to be a normal action.

What is the DD employee microchipped? Is it coming from a smartphone or some other unknown device? How does this work? Some TIs who have tech backrounds are saying it can now be done through special cell phone platforms. I dont know but the change was amazing. I also noted that both females became less powerfully felt as a nwgative force once a white male came into work. Hes a legit employee who doesnt take part and works hard so hes legit.

I also noticed that on some nights ms evil is on with a strong older lady and she seems to keep the place well run with good flowing energy.

I genuinely believe that none of this would have happened had I not been trailed from that bad drug neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that certain stalkers are carriers of some sort of negative psychic energy. I could sometimes feel this like at stop lights where a car would stop for its red light... I would get these very strong negative psychic vibes that I was perceived as being guilty of something.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael! Using old people (I call them siver spies)tha mentally ill children and phsyically disabled are recommended for use in certain circumstances under careful supervision by handlers over here in the UK. In fact the UK Gov has a standard official document for all accredited organisations participating in the PREVENT DISRUPTION PROG.

The document is available online, search---PDF Covert Human Intelligence Sources-Gov-UK.