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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cell Repeaters On Roof Of Locked Psych Unit-Not Exactly Best Environment For Peace and Healing

Whidden Hospital part of the Harvard University's affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance. They have corruption in their history.

(photo from Feb 24,2016)

The unit is right under these repeaters. The porch where we got 1 half hour of fresh air per day is literally right under these repeaters. 

And they have the audacity to ask people if they are hearing voices.

One total perp black foriegn nurse tried to start using that line of questioning as harassment and I complained to a psych doc on the floor and that stopped her clever ass real quick. Jumping the question on me in hallway out of nowhere.

Nope. Sorry. Dont think so.

 There WERE some people in there that were definetly genuinely ill. I feel bad for them but there was harassment also. Southie type Irish mob guys who were more jail in culture than mentally ill as well as kids from Harvard who are totally compromised by being busted for drugs recently. They didn't seem genuinely crazy at all. Ive seen a lot of kids from Harvard who get busted suddenly play crazy in the last few years. Someone, who's taken over power in the Square, has taken control of the area by making servants out of the street people in the area. I can hear it now: 'work for us or go to jail'. One of them warned me it was something to do with the Boston Bombing-that there were these feds or intelligence cells set up all over the city now. And remember, the kids who were supposed to be the Boston Bombers were regulars around the Pit in Harvard Square. This would make sense for them to start infiltrating and trying to control the people in Harvard Square and probably they were given carte blanche to study the Square, its culture and its people and covertly in theory then dismantle it and control the area. It would make sense from a security stand point.

This is normal for intel operations its not crazy. Its simply taking control of an area they feel is a security risk. But of course, the darker more sinister theory is that at a higher level those in power already know what goes on in the area to begin with and that's by design. Its perfect to create chaos then gain a need to create order.

If someone was electromagnetically sensitive or got microwave sickness easily, this would not be a great place to put them if they were having psychological or psychiatric issues. Seems pretty irresponsible to me.

You can see the pattern of creating problems to rationalize actions or create need (like jobs or buying more toys from the DARPA/military industrial complex). Like having a nurse jump out of nowhere in a hallway and ask me if Im hearing voices when Im not in the hospital for that reason to begin with. Im there to evaluate me for dangerousness due to the email threats sent under my name. And all I had to do was speak to the doctor about the nurse's harassment and it stopped.
Becuz they know its wrong and they are CREATING problems where there are none.

Like creating terrorists where there might not be any either by entrapment or worse. Much, much worse.

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