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Monday, March 7, 2016

Aggressive GS Harassment In BEA'S WASH N DRY laundromat West Side Manchester NH

Alert about a laundromat named BEA'S 478 S Main St, Manchester, NH 03102.
Very aggressive harassment by female staff. One of the customers stole $10 dollars from me and the reason I must have left it out for a moment was becuz an employee named Barb got me very anxiety ridden after I arrived.

A rather unpleasant woman who is attention seeking, aggressive annoying and also does a form of space invasion as stalking.

Nasty really. The other employee named Bea (the owner is supposedly a male who kept the old name) seems nice but she also engages in harassment. If theres others around like some customers that came in later who are also in on the campaign she will become more openly viscous.
Otherwise shes polite to the Target while performing gesturing.

Every single customer thats come in has performed harassment this is unusual as in an average scenerio its a percentage of customers even if all employees are perps.

Barb's intrusiveness and attempted questioning had gotten me off balance and along with customers basically causing more diversion thats why I lost my money.

What is unique about this situation is that I actually blanked out for seconds where I think I left the bill somewhere then went into rhe bathroom where after coming out I realized I had misplaced it and then it was nowhere to be found. What could have made me blank out?

This situation Ive found myself in since 2003...actually 1996-has gotten much more strange over the past few years. The country is just degeneratong quickly and cities seem increasingly oppressive.

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