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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Whitey Bulger Was MK Ultra LSD Experimentee In Alcatraz Prison/Covert Agencies Connection To Organized Crime

"Boston’s Two Mafias
In researching the book, I discovered the rich and gritty history of organized crime in Boston. The city’s underworld was ruled by two Mafias—the Italian Mafia, and what was to become under Whitey Bulger, the Irish Mafia."

"The Italians are on top of Boston’s underworld. The Irish gangs operate pretty much independently, ruling like princes in their principalities of Dorchester, Roxbury, Charlestown, Somerville, and South Boston, but for the most part minding their own business and staying out of the way of the Italian mob, living in peace among themselves—until Labor Day, 1961."    

" It was also during this period that an infamous secret deal was struck between Bulger and the FBI—a deal which was to alter the criminal landscape in Boston and ultimately lead to the fall of the Italian Mafia in Boston and New England.
     Back in the 1970s, the FBI was waging a crusade across the country against the Italian Mafia on orders from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and FBI chief, J. Edgar Hoover. In Boston, the bureau thought the best strategy to break up La Cosa Nostra in this town was to pit the Irish gangs against the Italians, divide and conquer the underworld.

The Informant
     How do you divide and conquer the underworld? Recruit informants to tip off the FBI to Mafia moves. Find out how the Mafia operates. The FBI recruited Whitey Bulger as a TE (top echelon) informant."                                                                                                                                                                            
And then after you make it appear to the sheeple that the Mafia is gone, replace them with black and other lowly ethnic street gangs and use them to put crack out on the street, and during this period release crazies from the state mental hospitals and anything left of a street scene where Revolution might come from-just have the ethnic street gangs and other placed 'agents' harass any would -be dissidents. Especially if every agency is infiltrated due to 'necessity' like after an act of terrorism on American soil supposedly from a dangerous foreign threat.

Its better than the Mafia! Who by now  have washed all thier money clean and moved on to legit business interests while the public are so stupid they believe organized crime was destroyed due to busting a few figureheads and loud mouths in flashy suits!

A great show for the public. One that never ends.

Except during the days of the big bad awful mafia, you could mind your own business and actually afford a place to live. It wasnt a luxury for women to stay home with children. There wasnt a police state and people were realistic about crime and corruption. Citizens were adults not children and were supposed to deal with the realities and evils of humanity like adults.

Now people are being screwed more than in any point in history and they've terrorized everyone so badly people wont even admit theres corruption unless its something connected to Diversity or other cult mind control brainwash.

Example: the authorities arent to be fought against due to counter terrorism-unless they attack African Americans or other supposed innocents in society. (Ferguson, choke hold case).

Im also very skeptical about Whitey's status as an MK Ultra survivor. The timing of the story is too convenient. Would be nice to get some sort of documentation. Like for instance, the declassified government records of MK Ultra experiments that actually exist you can read or my mother's records from the US Military of her radiation experimentee an infamous MK Ultra hospital in Maryland, USA.
Yeah, like that.

One of the tricks of disinfo agents is claiming to be MK Ultra survivors and they get all this publicity, book deals etc yet people like me who have actual documentation are blocked even before we know what its all about and those leads that could be proven in a court of law are broken off so they can never be put together.
I doubt if my now totally sold out mother would ever reveal her records. She's still confused between the supposed harassment from when she was "working with the syndicate" and dropping her claim at the PACHRE becuz as she claimed "I was followed". She's so brainwashed she doenst even realize that this life long harassment stems from MK Ultra to begin with.
Most people I knew who were involved with organized crime who seemed gang stalked and targeted and very controlled with no freedom, perhaps money and other pleasures available to them but the harassment kept them in line-had some connections as children to CIA or military. Thier parents usually.

Its all so obvious how this works and its also blatantly obvious that organized crime is either fueld by these mind control programs, if Whiteys claim is to be believed or at least they work together with knowledge of each other on upper levels. Certainly the peons Ive encountered here who are involved with crooked cops over the years are totally clueless as to the involveedment of MK Ultra- their statements, seemingly genuine not faked, lead me to believe that they only understand that I, as a victim of corruption, would be harassed locally or that I was to be persecuted and made homeless only for a time, forcing me to start all over again etc.

They seem totally without the knowledge that this sysem is nation wide. That I am kept homeless by harassment in every city I go to, town I go through even truck stops depending on what state or region of the country. They also dont seem to understand that this is a life long state of existence or even understand that the Target is a Survivor of a black budget classified project.

Which  means that organized crime is involved  and thats what I've seen in my experiences over the years. It would not surprise me to find out, as I suspect that just like serial killers and Unibombers or lone shooters-that the shadow system of mind control which uses things learned in MK Ultra can take people who they find as promising young criminals and make them into successful career criminals.

It does seem like there are older factions that run the world who are behind the ever changing criminal organizations that come and go and each time it is thier old drug businesses and thier banks and companies that benefit while they stay safely in the background. The Italian mafia, the Irish mob, the Cuban and Colombians in Florida (Bush...hmmm) and now the black and Mexican gangs.
Each time they are used, fill up prisons, die and money is laundered through the same banks and the drugs come from the same families who might be involved since Opium trading. Shipping companies everything.

If these are old European families then its more likely that MK Ultra and other forms of mind control are used especially connected to intelligence services. People involved in intelligence work have been around every single civilization in history. Spies have always been. Assassins as well.

Does anyone ever question what has become of the wealth of the ancient world? Of Arabia or Rome or Greece? Egypt? The Orient?

We are so low and so uneducated on the level I exist on and most of the American public is on (I am smarter and more cunning than an educated middle or upper class citizen. I just happen to have the handicap of having been kept uneducated and in the lower classes all my life.) that we dont see what the world is really about. We take in whats handed to us to consume for information. We are told to only think about America and not what came before.

It would be interesting to ask Bulger personally if his claim is truth yet if he is being full of sh*t for whatever his motives are, the answer will be falsehood anyway. I really would like to see some documentation of MK Ultra experimentation at Alcatraz and some inmates names or numbers.

The worst to come out of anything to do with Bulger is that NWO supporter, psuedo Satanic little f*ck Depp is going to play him in a movie.

I look at Bulger's face and the faces of all the Mafia guys I may have met as a child and didnt recall or know thats who they were. Some of them look very Italian. Some of them look like me.

They all look like they suffered in life. Who looks as if they arent suffering and who looks as if they are the real evil bastards in the world? People like Depp. The legit people. The smug assholes whove made all this money from the war. Raytheon-all that.

I've come to the conclusion that organized crime is a diversion. War profiteering is just as vile....except those people dont look like they are suffering.

They just look plain evil.

Oh btw. The Jewish organized crime syndicates seem to have this talent for drifting in and out of history (as usual). They are involved in Las Vegas, they are in the Godfather movies. Yet, I dont recall any take downs like the other ethnic organized crime syndicates.

Hmm. Luck I guess.

Who is it that is behind movies like Hollywood makes with pieces of sh*t like Depp?

Oh also, a cop just a few years ago in Kenmore bragged that the Irish mob gives the Boston cops "hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, luv" so they haven't been taken down. Thats a joke and everyone here knows it. Of course right after that, they made it harder for scalpers to sell tickets at Kenmore, to make it look as if someone was making some CHANGE here (and to make me look like a rat I now realize). Its important to have the illusion of CHANGE right now, as its part of Obama's messianic magic show. Its a very popular selling term for all the politicians here in Boston. And of course its utter bullsh*t, but it works.

But...thats back before they finally got me to snap and I got arrested and discredited over time.  Back when people seemed to care about what I was saying and writing.

Of course people expect their heroes to be perfect and not falter.

Last night a man from India explained to me that Judaism and Christianity were religions created by slave peoples, that they are slave religions and thier greatest trick was to convince the upper classes to start doubting thier own gods, which they believed in ancient times they were related to and hailed from.   Indian peoples always reveal truths that are evident in our culture but no one dares to tell you so you understand its truth. No one from America or Europe would have flat out described any of the three Abrahamic religions as coming from a slave mentality or slave culture, which is probably why I've found them distasteful my entire life, naturally.

This is why most people dont want truth or dont understand that heroes and and delivery of information about the truth of something is going to often come with a hefty price tag to the messenger as well as the guilty parties and the victims themselves.
Which means they really dont want CHANGE.

They want to continue to be slaves.


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