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Saturday, December 20, 2014

GangStalking= Counter Intelligence Assanda Shakur

GangStalking=CounterIntelligence Assata Shakur

So you take a white oppressed or victimized person and turn them into a racist by having mostly people of African descent or origin harass them, stalk them even involved in the most brutal part of 'gang stalking'-torture, virtual, electronic or psychic sexual assault and the continued victimization of the Target as an MK Ultra human experimentee.

I dont think any true black rebellion exists in the US anymore everyone's probably been exiled or destroyed. If there is its underground and in very alternative scenes.

Either African Americans and their immigrant counterparts are playing ultimate house slave nowadays to survive and flourish in America (which is most of what I see) or they are misled into believing their lives as gang members, prisoners or other 'rebellious lifestyles are NOT ultimately run by the powers that be. (See Iran Contra and the creation and drug funding of gangs such as The Bloods and Crips etc. Formerly conspiracy theory now documented).

Why if Equality and Diversity will lead to a perfect world are non minority middle and lower class people suffering, being displaced, having our heritage culture and quality of life destroyed here and especially in Europe?

Becuz humans are greedy animals and therw is no such thing as long term peace or 'social justice'. Ine group always has to give up so another may have..AND THE ELITE ARE GOING TO MAKE SURE IT ISN'T THEM even though they owe the pricetag.

And you wonder why people like me see every major city in this country as the elites, snobby no claas new money, wanna be rich YUPpies and their pets or house slaves -namely African Americanswho seem to be playing the same roles they did hundreds of years ago, and new waves of third world immigrants that will do anything to make their way in the United States.

What she describes is in large part whats involved in gang stalking even MK Ultra behavior modification.

The concepts of social justice that don't factor in realities about cultures and history in this country and others are being used to create an elites wet dream where no one will question them.
Not if everyone is being minded by house slaves or people being brought up in a culture where black being COINTELPRO for the elite is the norm-as long as they get theirs.

Ive been treated like a wayward field slave for too many years in the beginning of this campaign being homeless-until I realized just how many African Americans were in on gang stalking and couldn't be trusted.

Even treating me as a TI as if I was someone who needed to 'grow up' or behave or think differently.

I distinctly recall seeing a black COINTELPRO agent in a video in an interview from the 60s where his main complaint was "these people need to learn how to act". Revolutionaries who are African American need to "learn how to act" according to a black fed agent?

Ive become quite bitter, racialist and resentful of the abuse ive suffered from being gang stalked by sub Saharan African peoples. Especially shocking is their involvement in the experimentation and torture involving advanced technologies, chemicals and even psychic warfare.

Dont be fooled by the promise of a perfect world by somehow depending on the fate of African peoples.

Their ranks are infiltrated, bought and sold. They are agents for the elite-house slaves and handlers.

And they will do you just as quickly as the people they work for to gain for themselves.

Being a TI Ive experienced black agents if you will, placed in every city across the USA. Often they are in the military or part of a gang. The ones in straight up gang stalking groups were eerily reminiscent of the members of The Jim Jones 'Peoples Temple' cult.

What I have seen isn't supposed to exist becuz African peoples are supposed to be hapless oppressed victims. But also not intelligent enough or capable of covert warfare much less classified projects like MK Ultra.

We're supposed to blame that on those super white Germans, remember? But what about others involvement in MK Ultra in the USA? What happens when Project Paperclip yields results?

To discredit real activists and to destroy potential leaders. Thats what COINTELPRO did according to Shakur.

Imagine if you could create a society where all revolutionaries are crushed, even before they are formed and the people, formerly a problem-disatisfied marginalized people could help you mind, run and control that society?

Anyone expendable or a problem..or stupid ends up in the consistently profitable corporate prison system.

This is a major example of divide and conquer. One most people are dissuaded from seeing clearly right now.

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Anonymous said...

So that's their idea of fighting: just doing what they have to do to survive by going after the lone TI... in their minds, sacrificing their lamb that the powers have handed them will make their lives easier.

I really do believe the psy-ops have been there all along. I'm thinking late 60's was when they started going heavy with mind control. They didn't have sheep going after lambs like today, but still, the USA and their people were in this trance with the peace love and happiness deal. That could be a bad thing. Somebody had to have seen this as an opportunity to seize control at that point. Instead of hateful zombies, you had loving peaceful zombies.... still useful enough for control purposes. And Leary popping up pushing LSD as a form of miracle mind-opening drug at the same time... it's just bothersome to me that it was the same drug used by the CIA in their mind control experiments.

Conclusion: the CIA was pushing LSD in the late 60's but doing so via spokesmen such as Leary. Either that or Leary was a controlled puppet by them. Something about the 60's is very scary from a mind control perspective.... something was going on, a building of the empire, so to speak. These things don't grow overnight... it has to be done in phases. And the late 60's were one of the early phases, IMO.