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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sweden Is Major Arms Dealer Even To Dictators And Is Now Switching Up Their Game Like Everyone Else/Viking Fair Trade

Well this explains any and all involvement I had experienced from Swedish influences such as media psy ops or anything involved in MK Ultra such as deprogramming, attempted reprogramming or further experimentation.

And like everyone else now they are pulling out the troops if you will. Everywhere i look companies and govts are changing guard (long time CEOs or employees key to ganh stalking activities, etc).

It doesn't matter what the improvements appear to be. Everyone has made their money. Now it's time to evade capture...or responsibility.

One thing about the Scandinavians though-like in the ancient days of Viking traders (not just raiding pirates) there's a fair trade. Its in them a quality they have despite themselves or perhaps it's still a quality they posess doing business.

Greg Allman (Anglicanized from Ullman as many American southern Nordics did) wrote a song about stealing your diamonds but he would surely bring you back some gold.
This seems to be something in their nature thats very ancient and part of who they are.

Wher America seeks to rob you, suck u dry then make sure you stay down for life and hopefully become satisfied with conforming to a station in life and level of stimulation far beneath your original abilities it seems when you get used or decieved by this culture you get something to replace what was taken.

I have a far greater sense of my power available to me from Scandinavian DNA. Its fully available to me. My DNA is not modern but acquired during the old times.

I will have the understanding of its power, strength and durability for the rest of my lifetime.
Scandinavias mysteriousness has been solved for me. I now have more than other people will ever have.

This cant be taken away by another administration, new agendas, another war even continued MK Ultra experimentation.

It was fair trade.

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