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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More CIA Torture Reports That Blow Smoke Up Public's Ass-CIA Brutal? No Sh*t..Really?? YOU SHOULD SEE WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO TARGETED INDIVIDUALS


Threatened people's families? No f*ckin way duuuude? Reallllyyyy???

Listen Sherlock...a perp said this to me years ago. "Well, you know how they threaten people's families?".     WHY DO YOU THINK A LOT OF PEOPLE WENT ALONG WITH MY GANG STALKING CAMPAIGN??   I cannot believe the public are so ignorant. They wont even care about this anyway. They've moved on to being pissed at cops about African American shootings again like in the 90s and some choke hold bullsh*t.
Yet when kids were protesting the war during Bush and doing OCCUPY, THE PUBLIC SEEMED TO BE TOTAL COWARDS AND NOT CARE LESS. So the message here is : 'as long as you arent going up against authority, you arent asking for trouble and the cops should not be brutalizing you'.

What the f*ck is that? If anything its a total brainwash to associate not going against authority with not deserving brutality and visa versa. Guess what? YOU HAVE ALLOWED THE COUNTRY TO CREATE A MILITARIZED POLICE FORCE. Oh, wait. The war is ending.

Ah I see. Now we dont need such a powerful police force anymore perhaps so its time to start complaining about that because Raytheon and all the other assh*le contractors and thier elite cronies have made all thier money so now its time to manipulate society back into a peace time mode.

You are such utter assh*les. I cannot wait to find a way out of this country and change my citizenship to someplace where I never have to be associated with what America does ever again.
The abuses the American empire puts forth around the world are consistent throughout its history and it just doesnt stop. Its the worst country to ever exist. Im ashamed to be an American and worse off as a victim of America than I ever was.

These reports are total jokes to the people who put them out or the people in charge or even those written about in them. They put out these reports becuz the American public are too lazy and ignorant by choice and under total brainwash to be able to do simple research. Americans are either greedy, ignorant and self righteous or the ones who arent are constantly oppressed and live fighting for whats right if not for thier lives. In between theres a few balanced, decent, nice people but thats not the norm.

This place has become one big black hole. A vacuum. For those of us that remember what it was like before every day is torture and torment. We know this time line is false. We know that the powers that be have incredible resources and capabilities that they arent going to share with the public-which is expected but at least people could be aware or question.
The total lack of privacy nowadays is just ridiculous. People like myself who are not interested in being part of the cult that is American now should not have to participate. In the old days there were places you could go to be left alone. Now you cant even be left alone in your own mind.

Let them put THAT into a report becuz that is whats really going on in America now. The public should be more concerned about the daily torture they are having to live through THAT COULD BE STOPPED AT ANY TIME if only the switch were turned to 'off' and the chemtrails werent out on that day. Hey, they do it every Sunday and federal holiday or when they want the public to relax and buy things or go to an event or whatever.

The world has become like a cloudy day. Behind those clouds is blue sky and sunshine but you dont see it becuz of the cloud cover. Mass mind control is that cloud cover. Its a total illusion and they put the American people and who knows how many other countries through it every day...except when they feel its necessary to give humans a day off as I just mentioned. This is true in all cities and towns across the USA. The only exceptions are of course locations where the technologies dont have effect like underground or between cities on highways etc or when you are awake and aware of what mass mind control is, in those instances when you experience a break in the system that is at an odd juncture-like a location or a drop off the control grid, not a systematic break you are trained to now expect like holidays or Sundays or from 12 am to 6 am Mon-Sat in all major cities. At these events you can clearly tell that whats most common now as a condition of human life isn't natural.

Its so touching that some of these bastard f*cks choked up. Wonderful. Now when are they going to release a report detailing how much of what was done was RITUAL ABUSE and part of the black magick that was used and fed off of by elites and thier creepy military cronies throughout the war years?
Black hoods? Coffins? Sexual abuse? Mind games, using the prisoners' imaginations against them, isolation, bending the Will of a person, acts that draw blood? Even water boarding. Hell, I had recovered memories of that being used in laying down programming years ago when I was going through deprogramming! A lot of this sounds like MK Ultra type programs also. (Cold temperature water boarding used to close off programming. Like to shut  me up or stop me from crying or feeling anything.)

It all sounds like the RA used to lay down programming in people like me, Survivors of mind control projects like MK Ultra. Of course its all mind f*cking but there is some truth to it being 'black magick' in nature according to the Will of whoever is responsible for the torture...and the intent through the Will.
A lot of what occurred with people like me was very elaborate like all the dramatics in the Boston/NY area after 9-11. The energy from a ritual like that, even with that big of an explosion, destruction of a building and some property and loss of some lives would not last as long as it did, lingering in an area that large and leaving an energy field in that area for that many years. There had to be some sort of amplification through technologies or other sciences or some sort of mind manipulation to make it..feel that way to humans.

Much of it I believe was simply amplified through technologies and chemicals. Remember the military contractors involved.
These are the TECHNOMANCERS. They depend heavily on technologies not just natural ability. They've discovered the secrets of the ancients: fuse Nature with technology and become a god.

With most modern people in 'civilized' western society believing that such things only exist in video games-we are totally f*cked.

Its time people like me- the elite and awake who arent interested in ruling over the rest of the population, go find a place to hide from this bullshit as hard and fast as possible. Away from these sick f*cks in power, thier house slave pets and the mindless, drooling mob they rule over who doesnt seem to give a sh*t as long as they have an iPhone to suck on and a video game console in thier hands...and of course shopping.

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  1. LOL, that's just the thing. They want everyone to go out and spend money, and they put all kinds of pressure on us to do so. And it's all for what... overpriced junk made in a 3rd world country? One guy at work has been all buddy with me, and when I told him I had a degree, his mouth just dropped and he stared at me for half a minute. He must've been fed bullshit that I dropped out of college or that I was too dumb to go or other crap... you know of course the lies they spread about us? They make us out to be pathetic losers, so that's why they play mind games with you (the "why are you homeless"). They want to shame you into thinking you are a "loser" and can't keep a job. meanwhile, there are such things as employment blacklists, workplace bullying, etc. And how about health insurance that nobody can afford?? You have to pay such a high premium these days. And Medicaid is a joke, too. Why should there be a minimum income requirement when it's for the poor in the first place? It's more capitalistic BS.