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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Jeffrey Dahmer Tried To Create Zombies By Destroying Brain Function

Quotes from whistleblower Kay Griggs

Jeffrey Dahmer was part of the elite's perverse programs
Some giveaways are his Germanic looks and ancestry his high intelligence, being from a messed up home, military service even his becoming a different sort of child after hernia surgery at age 7 according to his mother.

His trying to create zombies is what interested me. It was mentioned by someone and I realized that is exactly what the system is attempting to do now. Its very similar.

Cause brain damage. Dumb down lower functions. The exact areas of the brain that would turn the person into a robotic slave where no Will or thought.Only obey his orders.

As careless of an attempt as it was and unsophisticated scientifically and medically it reflects the desires of similar people in power especially if he is part of one of the black projects.

Dumbing people down, causing brain damage then utilizing chemical influences and using mind control hypnotic suggestions technologies is basically the same idea.

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Anonymous said...

I get inspiration from Hank Stram. One of his favorite things to say on the sidelines was "Keep on matriculating the ball down the field!". I use it to rally myself, that when things are getting bad, just keep on matriculatin' the ball down the field. LOL, because you are getting pounded with negative stuff all day long, and we are going to fail or get a little worn out. But you have to keep pounding away, the 2 yard and a cloud of dust thing.

And you are right, because there seems to be a lack of honor in sports these days. A lot of woman abusers, criminals, thugs, and cheaters. A lot of football games seem fixed or someone is manipulating outcomes by hitting the players with remote influence to confuse them, but they will leave their favored team's players alone. So I've noticed that anytime Ohio State plays, they get a timely call that keeps drives alive, or their opponents mysteriously look all confused and lost. It must be a strategic move, to have Ohio State win the championship. It's a chess piece move to serve their goals. Why Ohio State, I don't know. ALl I can say is, Ohio sucked when I last visited, and that campus was in an ugly ghetto portion of the state. There must be money involved that someone is pocketing. Sports today is manipulated. They don't care that their work ethic is half what it used to be, that there is no more winning with honor. everyone pretends to care when they don't. Listen to some of those players talk. Most of them are blacks who can barely talk, and they seem like they are barely literate. But it doesn't matter that they represent universities they play for, does it? The only thing that matters is that they contribute to a win for the university that the Elite or controlling interests want to win.