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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Putin Wants WIFI In All Underground Subways/Use Of Primitives In Cultural Covert Warfare Old Trick


Anonymous said...

Russia was probably secretly in collusion with the US during their cold war years. The cold war was probably really a covert operation where we secretly deal with them and learn communist ideas from them on how to oppress their peoples. I was taught in school that Pravda was a very controlled rag with a bunch of propaganda and lies, but this is exactly what our media has become. So maybe we were secretly allies with them under the sheets all these years. If we and they were really enemies, there would've been a missile strike from either side. But that never happened.

Yeah, there was Josef Stalin, but there are leaders over here that are very much like him, but put on a good front like they are so concerned about defending the freedom of America. Bush was always on the defensive how he did all these decisions to protect America. Maybe he saw what was going down behind the scenes, and helped stem an ever worse takeover of the US by communist factions.

And perps are the biggest wastes of life ever. They spend their entire lives just coasting by harassing targets, while targets get to fight hard for every little opportunity we get.. We've got to stand up to them to make sure they've wasted their efforts at conrolling us.

Anonymous said...

A guy from Russia subbed in a physics class I was taking in 1988 or 1989. He said that basically he feels that the US is more heavily controlled, and that he actually felt bad for Americans. Interesting that it was in the late 80's then. Now, Putin is in, and I'm sure their opinions have changed. He's like this powerful scary man with a tiny voice. Not too much different than Hitler with his comical Charlie Chaplin mustache.