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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Harassment In Cambridge Getting Aggressive Since Improved Health And File Review For Book

Since started getting health improved like with dental care and also i refuse to leave the area and am making headway with going thru files for book-harassment is getting nasty and aggressive as in outright attacks.

Just now was harassed by 4 males in Dunkin Donuts on Church st in Harvard Sq Cambridge MA. They finally left quickly as i logged into my blog.

They came in as a group, all  males typical in this location and area and part of the campaign has always been using males against  me especially First Responder types or tradesmen in small businesses like carpenters, plumbing companies etc.  I avoid the other Dunkins becuz the HUPD goes in there and there's been outright harassment always under the guise of us or my being houseless ("Why do they have to bring their stuff in here?" Two neatly packed traveler packs? Ask anyone how particular I am about consolidating space to make sure my 'stuff' is neat, and never in anyone's way. All my friends hate this about me.) so since the HUPD seems to think they own that one Dunkins near Staples I come in here, besides, the employees are very nice and the best service in the area for DD shops (this little moody Asian woman in the HUPD Dunkins actually told  me once after I brushed my teeth in the bathroom before coffee "You do that ah hum, ha-ney!!" I always imagine her working the front door at a Thailand brothel before coming over here.) However, it seems I cant win, becuz all the firemen, ambulance drivers and workmen (tradesmen) use this DD, but at least these demographics are a bit less uppity and outspoken than thier university police male counterparts.
I often sense a lot of hanging around, trying to intimidate by being around me, typical stupid male bs which I ignore. I mean...they are just men aren't they? AT MY AGE? They are all starting to look like silly little boys acting up in class at this part of life. Why so many 'regular guys' are stuck in this mode of behavior in this area of the country I don't understand. Its part of the culture.

However, this was different. They seemed to come in as a group with intent and they did things that were very specific that were timed. I am old enough of a woman to know when little boys are playing 'hunting party'. This is how males function. Sometimes they observe and play with a female animal to see what goes on. When they are on a hunt its very obvious.

They waited until I came back to my corner where my coffee was, they then kept singing "Feed the World" that Christmas song from the 80s. I recently made a comment, a few times actually in varying public places about really hating that song. (Its a total fake celebrity bunch of bs for charity. We all know it. No one fed the world. Nothing changed but it was the 80s, MTV was new and we all felt good which is what the 80s was about.)
They also had a sports game blasting out of a smartphone. I know one thing about hardcore Boston sports fans-there would be no signing of 'Feed the World' while trying to listen to a game. That didn't make sense either.
I then put on some Viking metal on my smartphone. The reaction was to stupidly hum along the base and drum line from the pack leader male, which is also not a normal reaction in this area. It was combative. It was prepared for.

One older guy was behind us all looking on at this while the other guys acted like assh*les, which was really creepy in itself. It was definitely intimidation and Ive mentioned them doing this before. Using something that obviously was taken from surveillance cameras in another location at a different time-the point is to show the TI that 'they' are always watching. That the people harassing you right now are connected to the larger system that has authority over the area. That they work for the people behind the cameras.

Creating a god like presence is a very big part of gang stalking especially Survivors of mind control projects. The faceless, all powerful, all knowing entity. Really  its just intelligence and authorities utilizing modern communications. The psy ops I mentioned. TIs know damn well the Wizard of OZ is just a man behind a curtain but they want keep brainwashing the TI to feel as such. Intimidation is their number one method.

They continued to be jerks until I began pulling up my blog then they organized to get out of there, as if also timed and pre planned.

They looked like 'regular guy' workmen but something about them reeked of like..say, military industrial complex, intelligence. Something a bit nastier, more sinister. Uppity.

Total assholes really.
Add to this that....

Last night a slightly tipsy male urinated on the sleeping gear of myself and companion while we were sleeping. He wasn't that drunk and it was done maliciously. It was no accident.
He had to lean over the railing of a residence/ business of which was under construction to do so. Thus he urinated in public and in open view on a street, not even hidden decently like he could have done so around the back of a building or an alley.
As Harvard has become more intolerant due to careless, disrespectful homeless in recent years, sleeping in front of buildings under construction that are vacant is common usually as long as you are neat, dont leave a mess and are reasonable and respectful of the time limits being there.

This was that jerk's eye view last night. He claimed he didn't see us but he wasn't surprised by us catching him nor did he seem apologetic. He seemed arrogant actually and way to chill about walking away from what he had just done.:

 Railing; just to the left there was another under construction doorway with one person (couldn't see who) sleeping peacefully. I guess he didn't see them.

 This is where the grey vehicle was parked, where this black car is now. Thats the railing.

Vehicle he was leaving in was parked in front of 129 Mount Auburn St Cambridge MA, the site of his offense.
MA lic plate # 951 XM either '5' or 'L' . Grey Volvo type station wagon. White male, longish black hair. Driver short hair. About 2-2:30 am.

I suspected it was a set up becuz when police were called all we got was taunting amusement. This may have been the typical attitude of graveyard shift cops but its also common play in a harassment set up. People are told the target(s) might call in.
I informed my companion to hang up and lets look for local cops who are part of the neighborhood, know of us and care about locals.
The men who answered the call just as were going to go look for police indeed real cops who did their job. One driving a vehicle went to search for the car.
They saw the trail he left up to where the car was parked from the railing around the building's railing around the doorway under construction. This is due to the fact we weren't quite asleep and caught him doing it so he had to retreat to the grey vehicle in mid stream of urination.

It  may well have been a set up but it also might have just been a jerk who is part of the major anti-homeless sentiment Ive experienced this year in this area.

Another possibility is that its part of a Dirty Tricks Dept type of anti homeless campaign not to target TIs but to target 'The Homeless' as a group.
Authorities learned a lot from OCCUPY remember, being that the camps were in major cities and towns downtown areas. I notice in the news a lot of these same covert methods are being used as homeless deterrents.  Who would be behind that is not my concern, as I have bigger things Ive been working on for years than just a bunch of out of touch YUPpies, Hipsters and an atypical modern day 'Save Main Street' bullying, territorial business association.
But to them, I might just seem like one of the more undesirable homeless who refuses to leave.
 (I am not kept down by addiction, I have issues with foreign workers in the area being disrespectful to homeless and I am not afraid to speak up as well as I am older and this is sort of unpopular in this area, especially if you aren't drunk, high or basically a sad case. Why that is I don't know. They just don't like brunette bitches in this area who are adamant about mouthing off to anyone who gets in thier way. I don't even know if half of them even know what my actual activism is about. They probably have been fed, at the start of every year, some slander and smear that works against me and thats all they need becuz..people aren't that bright about political intrigue anymore nor are they interested. Harvard is no longer really the "Kremlin on the Charles" it was described by Nixon as. Its very Liberal ELITIST which means money first, Liberalism second and the Bohemian feel of the place is gone, its very unpopular. In fact, Bush and Bloomberg just got a commencement this summer which shows you whats going on now. However, there is some element remaining that supports what I am doing but I feel its less and less each year. Especially with  my waking up to the fact that the Left, specifically involving race, is being used by the elite to further the NWO not for actual freedom, liberty and exposing the truth. Its very dangerous to upset Liberals in the northeast about race. Its a hard fact of the 21st century that they aren't ready for yet. Berkeley CA and Cambridge, MA still live painfully in the 1970s in  many ways concerning race. Anyone familiar with the black activists of that time frame know damn well that those people hardly even exist anymore and if they do they work from underground scenes. COINTELPRO has been around too long. The CIA funded the black street gangs -see Iran Contra-and in  my experience they are all doing thier dirty work.
These are not freedom fighters. Its obvious that the new challenges of the 21st century are being hidden behind a smokescreen provided by the old structure of struggle from the 20th and that the Liberal Left has been infiltrated or they are being used due to working on the same old agenda not realizing so much has changed.
When you have advanced technologies, communications providing advancements in psy ops and the use, daily, of chemical influences on the masses via chem trails or even vents on buses or in buildings or train stations-its no longer about oppression by the white male etc or black causes meshed with women's rights.

This is an entirely different form of war now.
I will do a piece about how black civil rights causes and other 20th century causes championed by the Left are being used by the elite to bring in the NWO.)

By the way we and everyone in Harvard are grateful to the local people for whatever small tolerance continues to exist  despite a horrible influx of very bad out of town homeless about three years ago that completely destroyed our little scene. I am still suspicious becuz traveling the same thing happened in Austin TX and other liberal places at the same time. Drugs were pumped into the area as never before. I still suspect it was a campaign to blow up the area and create chaos. That's what this system does. It creates problems then solves them.

The problem with these areas is that they don't understand how to demand standards of Homeless people. They oscillate between too tolerant to zero tolerance. Bad squatting, messiness and unhygienic practices are never acceptable. Neither is overly aggressive pan handling or harassment from Homeless people. Many kids out here are totally clueless about how to be hidden or work with the community. They grew up with the new warrior cop and it just seems like a war out here instead of a community which is very sad.
For me that's on top of the war I have been waged in for a decade with this shadow system. 
Ive been doing this for years and Ive seen some unbelievable things. Believe me, its totally feasible.

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  1. I am so sorry that happened to you. I dont even know how you can sleep out in the cold like this? I dont know how you do it? I cant believe people would be this cruel like that, but you see it more and more in society. There was a bunch of videos years back called bum fights where kids with cameras paid homeless people to fight eachother on camera. It was really bad. Anyway I just cant believe it my heart hurts for you. Stay strong, sorry.