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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Cold War and American Military Industrial Academic Complex at MIT and Stanford

As many of you know MIT is in my home base city and there's been support there but also the gang stalking and remote influence has been always awful to deal with and in some instances shockingly overt unethical if not illegal.

As a traveler I come into contact with various universities and colleges involved in MK Ultra and today's mass mind control program.

Sadly universities are a major source of harassment and lots of pain and suffering for Targets yet by their very nature they've provided help, support, safety from a degenerating society outside the collegiate environment and a sense of mental safety and balance -whicj might be why access to these places has become increasingly limited to outsiders perhaps due to the chaos troops being sent in to purposely ruin it for everyone.

That has seemed the trend over past five years.

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