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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Must Relocate No Activism Allowed Barely Able To Survive

Broke up with my companion. Going to leave and relocate somewhere that has a serious activist scene not a place like this thats completely sold out.

I don't think activism can actually be done in any real meaningful way in the USA anymore.

Ive also found that the new administrations in Cambridge and Boston have made changes to the area so that its harder to function as a houseless individual much less a activist who's homeless, mostly due to their activism (whistle blowers, black listing etc).

Ever since the new administration in Cambridge took over peoples of African drscent have completely taking over the women's homeless services(staff) and actively targeting white women. On The Rise finally fired their main racial antagonist but Heading Home (formerly Shelter Inc) has changed their day drop-in program and staff so every employee is African American or Afro Latino. They've also taken to excluding women who sleep outside by making that program basically into a little club for women who stay there at the night shelter program and other housed women in the area who are 'poor' not homeless or outside. The guests are almost exclusively women of African blood from various countries including locally.

So they are focused on serving the Central Square neighborhood not homeless women and specifically women who are outside who know shelters are just as bad as low income housing.

The male who was hired at Heading Home to replace Charles the beloved long time cook and day program manager (he was also in on GS but he showed humanity for Targets on many occasions and was a very diplomatic person.)
has control issues. His attitude is very much that he is the rooster in the hen house and brags he is tight with the director who hired him. Men shouldnt be allowed to be in or in charge of women's programs specifically not one single male who takes on an unfair power position.
Ive experienced the place to now have many things going on there that are against the rules or unethical. Women are being mistreated. I could document what I experienced as well as include complaints from other white women buy its pointless-this is happening over the entire area with homeless services.

Its nothing short of a black or Afro peoples conspiracy. And anyone who knows about what's really gone on in the USA over many past decades knows that these are many 'peoples of color' who work for the system itself. The elite's house slaves. COINTELPRO and the people connected to the Iran Contra scandal funding black street gangs with crack proves this.

Thats what i know and thats what Ive seen. Theres enough evidence at least for a conspiracy THEORY.

Once again one must ask why all these other issues take precedence over the human rights violations of all peoples by technologies and other advanced scientific methods being used by powerful entities unknown to influence and control even harm people.

One must look to COINTELPRO. It demonstrates that black peoples are capable and have been used by authorities to keep down dissidents as well as disrupt and destroy activism and organized groups who threaten Americas interests.

The public are unaware of this the way they are unaware of the effects of Fukushima fallout on north America. Probably more have heard of Fukushimas melt down but consider it to have been a one time event.
Mass mind control ensures they forget or dont care and psy ops will ensure they get distracted.

This explains why it was imperative that I was targeted last summer to FINALLY snap under pressure after so many years and react adversely in an incriminating way to harassment thats very reverse racist as well as anti homeless in nature even though its just gang stalking all along.

Now if I try to become active in stopping the reverse racism or conspiracy locally or seek to counter it with starting programs that prevent this abuse of homeless peoples who arent African in descent Im discredited and it appears as if I am just a racist.

The cop who arrested me threatened me with a psych eval due to my crime. So one suffers from mental disorders nowadays if they dont like a certain culture destroying their own or being marginalized???

This area is dead. For life and activism. Walking thru it daily is akin to walking thru a graveyard. Something has died in Cambridge's character.
Even the damn local pot dealer has been replaced by a ghetto type who isnt what Harvard was ever about. His brother hits drunk women in public, cant stop flexing and muscling on the corner and even struck a well known and tolerated mentally disabled homeless man who doesnt drink and is neat, keeps to himself.
Becuz this is the reality of black ghetto culture and behavior and its now mandatory to accept it as defining poverty for all races and cultures. Psychologically the message is its what you deserve if you are poor or homeless.
Harvard was protected for years and whoever is in charge now doesn't care as long as student, tourist or Yuppie money isnt disturbed.
Even the HSHS or The Lutheran shelter run by Harvard students now has creepy, annoying or trouble making African Americans to perform harassment of Targets or generally do what the black male running the womens program at Heading Home does: be a singular domineering black force for the purposes of intimidating the population.
Keep in mind two things. Years ago students were doing overt and covert harassment of TIs at HSHS and this program has had plenty of African Americans as guests. They were always people who either were part of the Harvard street scene or they were people who Harvard's atmosphere would attract. Polite, intellectual, smart, interested in reading, academia etc. True Harvard Homeless types.
It now seems to be about destroying what Harvard once was and nothing else.
The blacks here in past few years are rude, ghetto, ignorant or posess stereotypical qualities of Boston's or other keep down black culture that isnt Harvard's culture.
Last year there were multiple blacks here harassing me and other clients. This year no one is overtly harassing anyone but it's done in sneaky ways.

Its not about racism. Its about a difference in culture. People who are attracted to Harvard area are people who need peace, civility and an intellectual, collegiate, artistic environment to survive as human beings. Dumbing down or stupidity or keep down cultures make whatever is ailing us worse and takes hope away from us and prevents enjoyment of life.

There is a young modern Islamic kid here now who fits in to the local scene well. He also dislikes the habits of this culture. Harvard homeless people by nature are always repelled against certain qualities. Which is why we stay here and not in Central Sq or Boston.
They dont do background or criminal checks here or require an ID to get in. When it was just local homeless and we all knew each other we could feel safe and comfortable with each other in the shelter but now strangers have come and they arent locals so we have no idea who we are dealing with.
Theres a black guy here whos a creeper that sits to eat so he can stare at me sleeping and that Muslim kid says he had to put blankets up on his bed becuz he stares and creeps at him at night. He said that he couldve got kicked out of other shelters and staff here would never know. (Footage will be provided later.)

Its all about making it look like people who are trying to preserve a quality of life that isnt based on their income but their culture, are bad people and 'racist' for doing so. This is just another phase of the enslavement of humanity in the NWO.
Dont leave any stone unturned and let no neighborhood or group or people escape the great dumb down.

Some people have suggested its all part of trying force homeless people to get housed. Which of course is not only also unethical and against human/civil rights its also utter bullshit.

Its just the next phase in handling Targets or anyone who is a threat to the system.

They know we cant go inside. So if we do not or claim we cannot we are creating a problem for society willingly as 'The Homeless'.

I've personally experienced section 8 and low income housing to be psycho managed by this system (GS, mind control) using technologies mostly. In recent years Ive been in other people's sec 8 or low income apartments and the living space was definitely not at peace or totally normal and without interference with its occupants.
I have been dealing with this system long enough to know the red flags and signs of a building that is targeted with microwave or electromagnetic technologies.

Part of managing a physical space might be putting cell phone repeaters on top of the building as i had in my apartment in Brighton MA when this GS campaign became 24 7 after 9-11 and with the start of the war in 2003 under George Bush. Isnt it convenient that poorer areas have more of these on top of roofs to generate income Churches, shelters (Pine Street Inn) and low income HUD funded buildings. In Harvard Sq there's a ridiculous amount of cell repeaters for how small the area is. Which is why its so difficult for Targets here.

I've also experienced the corruption that appears to be consistent within HUD no matter who's in office or what's going on.
They allowed corruption from the real estate company Olnick that owned the apartment that destroyed my life and my health permanently. And as far as I can tell it now continues with all poor peoples and targeted individuals who live in the housing their funding provides.
HUD is extremely dangerous due to its size and influence with internal corruption but also they are unable to stand up to any outside influences involved in larger corruption.

In my experience you have to have to pay to NOT suffer under this system. Areas where people have means seem to be either not psycho managed at all or they have a very pleasant environment that's emotionally and mentally satisfying. Lexington MA is an example of this.

Whatever was once here that desired balance is no longer.

I can't sleep safely at night i cant nap during the day i cant utilize day drop in services like i used to and other factors equate: i cannot write, do my activism, expose corruption, start my book or most importantly-seek trustworthy legal council.


Anonymous said...

For me, recently, they've been working on isolating me from an acquaintance I've met and who has also been a good source of good vibes. And a person that I have been isolated from, is now doing psy-ops, to the tune of threats that I may be going to prison. Interesting how a person can be hounded for 15 years by what amounts to illegal actions by a covert system, and now they are trying hard to get me incarcerated. Meanwhile, the system has people treating my situation as though it were a complete joke. There are psy-ops they are doing to accomplish this. They really think they have me licked. Isolating me from that one acquaintance was very damaging. it seems the real reason for getting TI's arrested on "illegal tresspass" is that they actually are afraid of the TI doing activism there. That could be why that one female store owner was coming out threatening to call the cops on you... she was obviously tight with the perps in the system, and they are trying to get you incarcerated for daring to stand up to them.

Right now, they are working hard at getting TI's arrested for attempting to expose the system or the perps themselves. They want TI's who actively fight the system in prison. In parallel with this, they are working on severely messing with their heads as a fallback. That's why you are seeing ghetto blacks harassing you. I had ghetto blacks doing the same to me at work. And they have perps set up doing theater to deter me from taking an alternate route where I wouldn't have to pass the ghetto black perps harassing me. So if I choose to avoid them, I still get other perps doing a different type of theatre.

The one acquaintance was slipping me info not to give up... but I can't trust this person. It could be a trap, and she is involved at some level. As a target, you have to be completely independent. The system will work on gaining cooperation of companions, and getting them on their side. They really think we deserve to be in prison just for standing up to them, all the while having fun entertaining themselves. They should be in prison on attempted murder charge and multiple counts of harassment and intimidation of a witness to various crimes. So we can't let them do what they need to do to incarcerate us. They need us in prison to protect their system.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading about the national incidents of anti-white racism, too, though I haven't experienced much lately that I notice. I am cautious, though and I know what you are talking about. It's sad that it seems Obama and people like Farrakhan are making race relations worse in this country. It's like a slow national torture to get white people to hate themselves and abandon their own culture.

Anyway, I found a link about getting citizenship in Europe. If you are descended from Italians (I think you wrote before) then you might be able to get Italian citizenship:

And I hear you about Fukushima too. I think that's a huge reason people are racially flipping out in this country lately. You eat radiation and you can go mental to some degree.

I hope things get better for you.

BHayes82 said...
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